Goodbye Arlo

We brought Arlo to the trainer/foster lady today. It was a sad/happy day. We all agreed that he would be happier there and then with a family who had space for him to run, and ideally not a family but a woman with time and space. It was hard to say goodbye though. Alro knew something was up too. When it was time to go he wouldn’t get out of his crate.

We tried calling him and using treats. It took the much loved cheese drawer opening to entice him downstairs, but he came right back up! I was able to start folding up his crate when he was out of it, so instead he tried to sit on the folded up crate. When I brought it out to the car he jumped right in and laid right down on the crate. Not knowing where we were going, but sure that he didn’t want to be left behind. We all cried.

When we got to Paula’s she did a great job taking him right over. She gave us a tour of her house (where the dogs all sleep!) and showed us the crate Arlo would be in. His crate is right in her living room next to a very sweet dog (she assured us!). She showed us the training area and where they do baths (good luck with that!) and we met lots of dogs who all wanted to play with Arlo. She had a plan to walk Arlo with one of her “greeter” dogs and then slowly acclimate him to the place and the other dogs. She seems like a wonderful and devoted woman. She said that was was contacted last week by a woman who sounds like a potential match for Alro, so maybe after a few weeks of training he’ll be headed to a forever home.

For now we will adjust to life without Arlo. A car pulled up today and we had no prior notice! I immediately looked around for the dog, then remembered. I’m currently reminding myself that I don’t have to take him out for an evening walk. It will be a strange adjustment for all of us. I hope it was the right decision and everyone, including Arlo, will be happier and more at ease.

Bye, Alro. We will always love you. <3


We are pet sitting an adorable 9wk old kitten this weekend! She belongs to a neighbor and classmate of Eve’s. They just got her and didn’t know what to do for their previously scheduled vacation. Eve to the rescue! We go over twice a day to play with her and, you know, feed her. We may or may not have taken many (many) pictures of her!!

Eve and Luna

She loves her toys. Kitten are so very playful.

All the kitten love inspired Eve to take some pictures of our pets too. Right now when I look at my camera roll I have nearly 200 pictures of these three animals. LOL!

Jazzy loves sleeping in the coat cubbies.

Arlo says “put away the dang camera and take me for a walk!”

Oh, there she is again!

We’re only a little crazy around here!

Spring gardening

We did a little family gardening today.  Arlo dug some big holes, my mom bought pansies, and I planted them.  I saw Mother Earth planted crocuses around the yard as well.  All was good until Arlo decided to keep working.  Poor pansies didn’t stand a chance!  :/  I brought him in, replanted the flowers, and will now hope for the best

1. Arlo digs holes 2. I plant pansies 3. Arlo unplants pansies 4. Mother Earth plants crocuses

Eve decided to plant her daisies on Daisy’s grave as well. For some reason that whole part of the lawn is a soggy, muddy mess! We planted the seeds anyway, ’cause that’s how we roll.

Planting daisies in the mud.

Now we sit back and hope that the weather cooperates and doesn’t freeze our little flowers and seeds!

Eve and Arlo

Eve is home with a fever today. She spent the day on the couch reading, drawing, and snoozing. She’s sick, but not too sick to make ties for the dog. :)

Handsome pup in a bow tie.

Bow tie or neck tie? Hmm….

Silly girl in cat ears.

Thanksgiving 2016

Sooo… happy Christmas Eve. I thought it would be a good day to get this Thanksgiving post done! :)

We were in Franklin for Thanksgiving and this year the family went to the dogs! We had five adults, two kids, and four dogs. It was crazy and fun!

All lined up and ready for a walk!

The usual fare for Thanksgiving. I forget what it was, but I’m sure it was delicious. :)

Who wants some cheese?!? Little beggars.

Lex made bread with me. It was awesome. He made me promise not to post pictures on Facebook, but he said one picture on the blog would be ok.

Eve and her doggies.

I put all the photos in a Google album for your viewing pleasure. :)

Now, I have some Santa duties to fulfill. Merry Christmas y’all!

Arlo pup

Arlo spent yesterday at the vet’s office. He had a nice little nap and work up a little lighter! They said he was a champ. This vet was the first vet to examine him when he got up here as a little puppy and it’s fun to hear all of the staff ooohing and aaahing over him now. One vet assistant walked and said, “Oh my gosh, he is so big now!” Another told us that he came up with a sister who was adopted by someone else. I immediately asked who, but she said she didn’t know. She said Arlo was definitely the calmer of the two. :) It’s nice that they know his history and really seem to care about him. I love our vet and her staff! :)

We had the option of a cone or old t-shirt. The shirt looks dopey, but I thought it would be the more comfortable of the choices. He is not amused. :)

Begging for cheese. I spoiled him just a little bit that evening. I figure he deserved it after such a long day.

I also asked the vet to look at his very red paw and she said he had a yeast infection between his toes. I said it started right after I had him groomed, could that be a cause, and she just smiled and nodded. Can’t win! So now he has a few days of antianxiety meds, pain relievers, antibiotics for the yeast, and wipes I’m supposed to clean his paw twice a day. Between his meds and my meds, my counter is starting to look like a pharmacy!

PS.  The word “Arlo” is a very unattractive word.  :/  I should have that of that before proposing the name!  Lesson learned. 


Walk the dog

We discovered a much more exciting way to walk Arlo today.


Who’s walking who here?!

This was his first time of it. We did it a few more times and he got faster and sillier. The girls both shrieked each time he pulled them. Fun for us, but probably not the best thing for the dog.


Naughty puppy with a dirty nose. :)

He needs some good exercise though, otherwise he gets very naughty!

Good thing hostas are hardy plants! (and good thing I don’t care much about my gardens — this year anyway!)

A funny story

Arlo was out on his lead this morning, like he often is. He loves being outside. I came downstairs from my shower and said, “Has anyone checked on Arlo lately?” I like to keep an eye on him when he’s out there. Lex looks out the window and says, “He’s fine. He’s just sitting in the garden. I wonder why he’s not on his lead?” My heart jumped! What?! Not on his lead?! I looked out and yes, sure enough, the lead was on the porch and the dog was in the garden. I opened the door and called him and he came running inside. Good dog!!! Then I saw this:


I guess that “not for tie-out” lead we’ve been using, and leaving outside in all weather, finally gave out! I was sooooo happy that he didn’t go anywhere though! He just sat in the garden, which is how far his lead usually goes, and came right back when I called him. Whew!!

I bought a proper tie-out lead today. :)

Stinky Dog

It has been determined that Arlo is getting stinky and needs a bath, which has presented me with a new dog-owner problem.  Arlo hates water.  I have tried taking him to several calm rivers and a little flowing brook nearby.  I’m just trying to get him near enough to the water to drink, I’m not even asking him to get in the water, but he will not even get close.  He hates walks in the rain and often refuses to leave the house if it’s raining.  One nice sunny day I had the hose out and sprayed him with the mist setting, he jumped and tried to run away.  So bathing will be interesting.

I did some reading online and the sites all said to get the dog comfortable with the tub (or wherever you’re going to bathe him) first before introducing any water, so I thought I’d give that a try today.  After a long walk, so he was tired, I got a little cup of hot dogs (his favorite!) and went upstairs to the bathroom.   I called to him and he came running, but as soon as he saw me sitting on the edge of the tub with the curtain open, he stopped short.  I could tell he really wanted the hot dogs, but he absolutely refused to set foot in the bathroom.  He goes in the bathroom normally, on his own, so I know he’s not scared of the room or the floor or anything, just the tub.  After a minute he ran downstairs.  I called and called him, but he wouldn’t come back.  I tried from the top of the stairs and midway down the stairs, but when I got to the bottom I saw that he had run right into his crate and was snugged up against the back of it.   Hmm… bathtime may be a problem!

While I was out this afternoon I stopped at a groomer to ask how they handle nervous dogs.  The place was hot and loud and she didn’t seem all that interested in handling a nervous dog.  She said they could try, but if he gave them trouble they would send him home and suggests to us to get him a sedative from the vet.  Turns out I already did that!  I had Daisy at the vet yesterday and asked the doctor about the bathing thing.  She gave me a few sedatives to try if he wouldn’t cooperate.  Poor pup.  I might knock him out and stick him in the tub.  :)

First though, I’m wondering if there is any way to dry clean a dog.  Maybe with  baking soda or some other odor neutralize.  The websites say dogs don’t need frequent baths (no more than monthly, if that) and only if they get stinky, so maybe instead of baths we can address the odor some other way.  I’ll Google that and keep you posted!  :)