The little things

When I look at my children, especially around the holidays, I feel like their childhood is going by way too fast!  There are wonderful parts to their growing up, but it leaves me in a weird, somewhat lost position.  I try to notice the little things and appreciate the way they are growing into kind, capable human beings.

  • Lex took care of a bug all on his own the other day.  It was a little winged thing.  Eve shrieked (she’s dramatic), but Lex grabbed a tissue.  When he saw it, he decided to take it outside instead of squishing it.  He got a cup and a stiff paper and took care of the bug.  It took him two tries, but he didn’t stop, didn’t ask for help, and didn’t even think twice about doing the job.
  • Eve went to her first school dance.  I think she was a little nervous, but she wouldn’t admit it.  It was a Halloween dance and costumes got you a discount at the door, so she put her on her Luna Lovegood outfit.  We picked up a few of her friends along the way and they all had a great time.
  • Picking up her friends last night was the first time I’ve had passengers in the back seat of my car in a long time!  It surprised me to think about.  The kids can now stay home alone, so I rarely have both of them with me at the same time.  Usually I’m alone in the car or I have one kid with me in the front seat and the other kid home.  When we go out as a family we always take Alan’s car.  I’ve gone from giant carseats to a largely unused back seat. Weird.
  • Lex’s voice has dropped and Eve had acne and a developing body.
  • Eve is planning a Halloween party on her own (with my $$, of course) and carved a Jack-O-Lantern today, all on her own.
  • They are both basically the same height as me.  The other day Alan was convinced that Lex was taller than me and wanted us to stand back-to-back.  Lex took some convincing.  I don’t think he wants to be taller, or to acknowledge it anyway.  When I talk to them I’m looking straight ahead, and when they hug me we do the “dance” of arms, who goes over, who goes under.

The list goes on.  What happened to these adorable little things?

We used to take walks together, splash in puddles, do craft projects, go everywhere together, read stories, snuggle, make presents for teachers and cookies for classmates, and smile for photos.  We were like the three amigos.  Now it’s like four adults living in one house together.  Not exactly, of course, because they ARE still kids, but they are so independent and self-sufficient and into their own activities.  Eve will spend hours up in her room, sewing or crafting.  Lex will spend hours on Minecraft, then want to talk about it when he turns the computer off. He’s rocking his drums these days.  I can’t wait to see him perform with the jazz band.  She likes to draw and bake. She’s got the holiday enthusiasm that I so adore, but always wants to do things on her own schedule.  She decorated for Halloween this year, all on her own, at 5am on a Saturday morning!

I think the point of this post is that I have amazing children who are all too quickly outgrowing their childhood.  I feel more like an observer and less like one of the team these days.  I guess I need to get my own hobbies now. :/

Or maybe I’ll just lose myself in the blog for awhile, and drag you along too. :)

July, 2009

Baby faces.


This evening we decided that not only does Lex love to read, but he can’t even resist the sweet lure of words on paper. In the car on the way home this evening he suddenly said, “Uh, why am I reading the manual for my car seat?!” His eyes had fallen on it and suddenly he couldn’t stop himself from reading. It’s a tough problem to have. :)

Little House in the Big Woods

Eve was sick today (cough, low fever) and I took the day off to stay home with her. Alan was with them Monday and Tuesday while I was doing parent conferences. She started feeling bad on Tuesday and Alan said she kept going to the window and asking if mommy was coming home yet. He said it started around 10am and he promised her I’d be home around 3pm… then I got lucky she fell asleep because I didn’t make it home until 4:30pm! But I was home to wake her up at 5:00. Anyway, she wasn’t up for school today and I wasn’t up for leaving her (and Alan wasn’t up for a third day off from work) so I stayed home with her.

We have been reading really stupid fairy books that she loves and she promised me that when we finished the series she would let me pick the next book. Today I chose Little House in the Big Woods and she protested. She argued and refused. I was annoyed, but tried to be patient with her. This evening she basically put herself to bed and when I went up to read to her I found her in bed with the lights off. I asked if she wanted me to read a few pages of the book and she agreed, granted I let her lay down and if she got bored we could stop.

Turns out she loved it! Also turns out I either have not read this book or completely forgot the entire first chapter. The whole thing is about them preparing for winter, which means killing and slaughtering many animals, and it goes into great detail! They even describe in detail how to roast a pigs tail and how delectable it is. Yuck! I kept asking her is she wanted to stop and she said no. Either she liked the book a lot or she liked seeing my yucked out face! When we finished the first chapter she said we should read more tomorrow.

I bugged her so much to read it I can hardly say no now. Note to self: preview books, don’t rely on memory from long ago.


Eve had a dozen things she wanted from me this afternoon, all at the same time! While I was working on the fancy manicures she wanted, she started asking me to read to her. I told her several times that we can read after I finish with the nails, but that wasn’t good enough. Suddenly she said, “Oh! I want to read a fairy book and I can!” She ran, got herself a book (a chapter book!), came back and started reading. She’s been reading it ever since. I LOVE that!

The sweetest thing ever

It’s 5:30am. The kids’ bedroom door is cracked open. I peek in and see Eve, laying on her side, doggie tucked next to her head, reading light on, and a book propped open.  She’s reading silently to herself and doggie.  My heart melts and I once again wish for a photographic memory. 

On a side note, I wonder how long she’s been awake?

School count-down

We went back-to-school shopping at Staples yesterday and now Lex is super excited to go back to school! He walked around all day today saying he wished he was back in school. This evening we counted the days on the calendar (17!) and he said, “Awww…. I wish it was tomorrow.” Silly boy.


A very excited boy. He made a cover sheet for his take home folder and tucked all of his new supplies into his pencil box. He has two pair of scissors, one to share, and two glue sticks, “Just in case one runs out.” There’s something exciting about new office supplies!

As we cuddled in bed tonight I reminded him of his summer homework assignment, the one thing that has been a bit of a damper on his back-to-school excitement. We discussed the assignment, which is just to read a book and fill in some questions about the components of the story. Person, location, problem, etc. He’s already read the book (technically heard it on Audible) so we discussed each part. He said, “Oh, yeah, I did this in 2nd grade!” I think once he realized what the assignment was he got a lot more relaxed. His plan for tomorrow is to do the assignment and then read the book. I said he probably doesn’t have to bother reading it since he heard the audio book, but he reminded me the assignment specifically says to read it, not have it read to you. It’s a Beverly Clearly book, so I think he’ll be done with it by tomorrow evening. :)

Seventeen more days! Only ten more days until I’m back in a classroom full time! Eek!


Eve is reading the Sunday comics to me.  Suddenly she gets up, gets a marker from then drawer, and starts making dots.  I asked what she was doing and she rightly pointed out that they forgot the periods to end the sentences. 


I’ve been reading the comics for years and never noticed that many of them don’t use periods.  They use other punctuation, but then leave simple sentences un- punctuated. Weird, huh?