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We have been busy(ish) these past few days.  Busy at home anyway.  I’m organizing a yard sale next month (breaking out of my comfort zone here, more on that later… maybe) and yesterday the kids and I went door to door up our street and the next distributing flyers asking if anyone else wants to take advantage of the advertising and signage we’ll be doing anyway.  There will be three (maybe four) families at my house and then another family around the corner, so it would be cool to get one or two other houses and we could call it a neighborhood yard sale :)

After a rainy morning the kids were thrilled to get their bikes and hit the road.  Lex, my silly son, who is too shy (or just weird) to knock on Parrish’s door, ran up to every house on the street and ran the door bells.  I had trouble keeping them together though.  Lex wanted to ride ahead and ring the bells, and Eve wanted to stop and smell everyone’s flowers, and touch all the garden gnomes and fake garden frogs.  After making it up and down both streets the kids were hot and tired and ready to go in for dinner.  It was great!

Riding the bikes

Eve smells the flowers


Kids on bikes

Puddle jumping


Eve holding the flyer

Bike drawing

When we got home Lex decided to draw a picture of himself riding his bike while he waited for dinner. I LOVE it!!

Today was an odd day. The skies were dark and gloomy and the kids decided we needed to go outside at 7:30am. Hmm… ok. So we went out, got soaking wet feet, did some tree climbing and weeding, and came in for snack two hours later. From there the kids decided to go their own ways. Lex sat at the table and did workbooks and Eve ended up in her room playing with her dollhouse. I kept asking if they wanted me to play or be involved and they did not… so I cleaned. Dusted, swept and even mopped!! Crazy, I know. I was leary of how naps and afternoon would go, but Eve fell asleep (easily!) and Lex took a great quiet time. This afternoon we made a giant train track all through the living room, played for awhile, then went to the produce market. On the way we noticed a new grocery store open, so we stopped there as well. Fun, right?! :) While we were in the store the weather changed from bright and sunny to torrential downpour. And I mean torrential!! We got soaked getting back to the car… then two minutes later it was over :) At home we went for a rainbow walk with the umbrellas. A great time to bring the camera!


We found the rainbow pretty quickly :)

Looking at the rainbow

I wish you could see the rainbow better in this picture.


Kids in puddles

Feet in puddles

Lex in a puddle

I love them

I love them!

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