School count-down

We went back-to-school shopping at Staples yesterday and now Lex is super excited to go back to school! He walked around all day today saying he wished he was back in school. This evening we counted the days on the calendar (17!) and he said, “Awww…. I wish it was tomorrow.” Silly boy.


A very excited boy. He made a cover sheet for his take home folder and tucked all of his new supplies into his pencil box. He has two pair of scissors, one to share, and two glue sticks, “Just in case one runs out.” There’s something exciting about new office supplies!

As we cuddled in bed tonight I reminded him of his summer homework assignment, the one thing that has been a bit of a damper on his back-to-school excitement. We discussed the assignment, which is just to read a book and fill in some questions about the components of the story. Person, location, problem, etc. He’s already read the book (technically heard it on Audible) so we discussed each part. He said, “Oh, yeah, I did this in 2nd grade!” I think once he realized what the assignment was he got a lot more relaxed. His plan for tomorrow is to do the assignment and then read the book. I said he probably doesn’t have to bother reading it since he heard the audio book, but he reminded me the assignment specifically says to read it, not have it read to you. It’s a Beverly Clearly book, so I think he’ll be done with it by tomorrow evening. :)

Seventeen more days! Only ten more days until I’m back in a classroom full time! Eek!

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