We are pet sitting an adorable 9wk old kitten this weekend! She belongs to a neighbor and classmate of Eve’s. They just got her and didn’t know what to do for their previously scheduled vacation. Eve to the rescue! We go over twice a day to play with her and, you know, feed her. We may or may not have taken many (many) pictures of her!!

Eve and Luna

She loves her toys. Kitten are so very playful.

All the kitten love inspired Eve to take some pictures of our pets too. Right now when I look at my camera roll I have nearly 200 pictures of these three animals. LOL!

Jazzy loves sleeping in the coat cubbies.

Arlo says “put away the dang camera and take me for a walk!”

Oh, there she is again!

We’re only a little crazy around here!

Pet sitting

A few weeks ago (or more) the kids decided they wanted to get a dog. We went online and found out that they cost $300-$400 at the humane society, depending on the age of the dog. The kids decided they would save their money and Alan and I agreed that we would consider a dog if they really were able to save that much. Through our conversations the kids decided to start a pet sitting business to earn money and learn more about animals. They went to work making fliers and posters, and immediately ran into conflict over how to make the fliers and posters. They ended up agreeing that Lex would type up the fliers in Google Docs (his favorite thing to do!) and Eve would write signs to hang.


One of Eve’s signs

A few days later they hung their signs and delivered fliers to every house on our street and many houses on the neighboring streets. Then they waited, eagerly, for the calls to pour in. Then we had to talk about how often and when people might need pet sitting services.


Price list on the left and notes on the right.

Then, at our neighborhood block party, two different neighbors told the kids they would be in need of pet sitting services soon, and finally last Thursday the day came when they had their first job. From Thursday to Sunday they fed the cats for our neighbor. They went down to talk to the neighbors, took notes on what to do and where to find everything, and discussed pricing. Then then went down for four days and did the work. Lex wanted them to do it on their own, without my supervision. I told them I was going to observe the first few days and if they really could do it all on their own then I’d let them go on their own for the last two days. That never actually happened. They did learn a lot about how to be professional, how to work together, and how to stop complaining when mom threatens to take away your business. :)

I wanted to get a cute picture of them cuddling the cats they were taking care of, but turns out the cats are super shy and we didn’t see them once the whole time! Eve was super excited at the beginning of the job, but both kids were a little bored by the end. I think had there been cats to cuddle each day it would have been a lot more fun for them, and better photo ops for me!

I think it will take them awhile to earn $400 through their pet sitting business, which is great because it will take them awhile to learn how to work together and take care of a dog as well!

Neighborhood block pary

We had our neighborhood block party today! The one we planned awhile back. As it goes when I’m involved with social situations, I’m always excited until the day of, then I start dreading. So much to do. I was soooo tired. Really wanted a calm evening to get everything ready for school. Blah, blah. We went, of course, and had a great time, of course!

As promised, Eve made a cake. She and her friend from down the street baked it on Friday. They were quite silly in the kitchen and I stayed close by, but they did a great job and baked two 9″x13″ cakes. Today I made the frosting and put the cake together. Eve did the decorating, with a little assistance from me on the words.


Our cake

Alan and I went down a little early and set up our new Easy-Up tent and tables. I was nervous that it was the wrong weekend or no one would come or blah, blah, blah. Needless worrying! Almost everyone came, there were lots of kids running around, it was great to mix the “old” (people who have been on this street since the beginning) with the “new” (those of us who haven’t been here so long). I met new neighbors and made friends. Eve and Lex got two new pet sitting customers. (Gosh, I tried to find a link for that and couldn’t. Have I not blogged about their pet sitting business?!)

We wrapped up around 6:30pm because it is the night before the first day of school and there are lots of kids and teachers on this street!

The one downside to the evening is that our cake was hardly touched! Lots of people brought cupcakes and cookies, so I think the convenience of those trumped our cake. Sigh. Now we have most of a giant cake here! Instead of eating until we’re ill and then tossing the rest, I decided to try freezing it. I thought maybe we could keep frozen slices on hand for lunch boxes or after school snack or something. I bet they’ll thaw pretty quickly. I’ve never done this before, so we’ll see how it goes. :)


Too much cake!!

Check back tomorrow for first day of school pictures!