Neighborhood block pary

We had our neighborhood block party today! The one we planned awhile back. As it goes when I’m involved with social situations, I’m always excited until the day of, then I start dreading. So much to do. I was soooo tired. Really wanted a calm evening to get everything ready for school. Blah, blah. We went, of course, and had a great time, of course!

As promised, Eve made a cake. She and her friend from down the street baked it on Friday. They were quite silly in the kitchen and I stayed close by, but they did a great job and baked two 9″x13″ cakes. Today I made the frosting and put the cake together. Eve did the decorating, with a little assistance from me on the words.


Our cake

Alan and I went down a little early and set up our new Easy-Up tent and tables. I was nervous that it was the wrong weekend or no one would come or blah, blah, blah. Needless worrying! Almost everyone came, there were lots of kids running around, it was great to mix the “old” (people who have been on this street since the beginning) with the “new” (those of us who haven’t been here so long). I met new neighbors and made friends. Eve and Lex got two new pet sitting customers. (Gosh, I tried to find a link for that and couldn’t. Have I not blogged about their pet sitting business?!)

We wrapped up around 6:30pm because it is the night before the first day of school and there are lots of kids and teachers on this street!

The one downside to the evening is that our cake was hardly touched! Lots of people brought cupcakes and cookies, so I think the convenience of those trumped our cake. Sigh. Now we have most of a giant cake here! Instead of eating until we’re ill and then tossing the rest, I decided to try freezing it. I thought maybe we could keep frozen slices on hand for lunch boxes or after school snack or something. I bet they’ll thaw pretty quickly. I’ve never done this before, so we’ll see how it goes. :)


Too much cake!!

Check back tomorrow for first day of school pictures!

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