Goodbye Arlo

We brought Arlo to the trainer/foster lady today. It was a sad/happy day. We all agreed that he would be happier there and then with a family who had space for him to run, and ideally not a family but a woman with time and space. It was hard to say goodbye though. Alro knew something was up too. When it was time to go he wouldn’t get out of his crate.

We tried calling him and using treats. It took the much loved cheese drawer opening to entice him downstairs, but he came right back up! I was able to start folding up his crate when he was out of it, so instead he tried to sit on the folded up crate. When I brought it out to the car he jumped right in and laid right down on the crate. Not knowing where we were going, but sure that he didn’t want to be left behind. We all cried.

When we got to Paula’s she did a great job taking him right over. She gave us a tour of her house (where the dogs all sleep!) and showed us the crate Arlo would be in. His crate is right in her living room next to a very sweet dog (she assured us!). She showed us the training area and where they do baths (good luck with that!) and we met lots of dogs who all wanted to play with Arlo. She had a plan to walk Arlo with one of her “greeter” dogs and then slowly acclimate him to the place and the other dogs. She seems like a wonderful and devoted woman. She said that was was contacted last week by a woman who sounds like a potential match for Alro, so maybe after a few weeks of training he’ll be headed to a forever home.

For now we will adjust to life without Arlo. A car pulled up today and we had no prior notice! I immediately looked around for the dog, then remembered. I’m currently reminding myself that I don’t have to take him out for an evening walk. It will be a strange adjustment for all of us. I hope it was the right decision and everyone, including Arlo, will be happier and more at ease.

Bye, Alro. We will always love you. <3

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