Stinky Dog

It has been determined that Arlo is getting stinky and needs a bath, which has presented me with a new dog-owner problem.  Arlo hates water.  I have tried taking him to several calm rivers and a little flowing brook nearby.  I’m just trying to get him near enough to the water to drink, I’m not even asking him to get in the water, but he will not even get close.  He hates walks in the rain and often refuses to leave the house if it’s raining.  One nice sunny day I had the hose out and sprayed him with the mist setting, he jumped and tried to run away.  So bathing will be interesting.

I did some reading online and the sites all said to get the dog comfortable with the tub (or wherever you’re going to bathe him) first before introducing any water, so I thought I’d give that a try today.  After a long walk, so he was tired, I got a little cup of hot dogs (his favorite!) and went upstairs to the bathroom.   I called to him and he came running, but as soon as he saw me sitting on the edge of the tub with the curtain open, he stopped short.  I could tell he really wanted the hot dogs, but he absolutely refused to set foot in the bathroom.  He goes in the bathroom normally, on his own, so I know he’s not scared of the room or the floor or anything, just the tub.  After a minute he ran downstairs.  I called and called him, but he wouldn’t come back.  I tried from the top of the stairs and midway down the stairs, but when I got to the bottom I saw that he had run right into his crate and was snugged up against the back of it.   Hmm… bathtime may be a problem!

While I was out this afternoon I stopped at a groomer to ask how they handle nervous dogs.  The place was hot and loud and she didn’t seem all that interested in handling a nervous dog.  She said they could try, but if he gave them trouble they would send him home and suggests to us to get him a sedative from the vet.  Turns out I already did that!  I had Daisy at the vet yesterday and asked the doctor about the bathing thing.  She gave me a few sedatives to try if he wouldn’t cooperate.  Poor pup.  I might knock him out and stick him in the tub.  :)

First though, I’m wondering if there is any way to dry clean a dog.  Maybe with  baking soda or some other odor neutralize.  The websites say dogs don’t need frequent baths (no more than monthly, if that) and only if they get stinky, so maybe instead of baths we can address the odor some other way.  I’ll Google that and keep you posted!  :)

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