A funny story

Arlo was out on his lead this morning, like he often is. He loves being outside. I came downstairs from my shower and said, “Has anyone checked on Arlo lately?” I like to keep an eye on him when he’s out there. Lex looks out the window and says, “He’s fine. He’s just sitting in the garden. I wonder why he’s not on his lead?” My heart jumped! What?! Not on his lead?! I looked out and yes, sure enough, the lead was on the porch and the dog was in the garden. I opened the door and called him and he came running inside. Good dog!!! Then I saw this:


I guess that “not for tie-out” lead we’ve been using, and leaving outside in all weather, finally gave out! I was sooooo happy that he didn’t go anywhere though! He just sat in the garden, which is how far his lead usually goes, and came right back when I called him. Whew!!

I bought a proper tie-out lead today. :)

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