Arlo pup

Arlo spent yesterday at the vet’s office. He had a nice little nap and work up a little lighter! They said he was a champ. This vet was the first vet to examine him when he got up here as a little puppy and it’s fun to hear all of the staff ooohing and aaahing over him now. One vet assistant walked and said, “Oh my gosh, he is so big now!” Another told us that he came up with a sister who was adopted by someone else. I immediately asked who, but she said she didn’t know. She said Arlo was definitely the calmer of the two. :) It’s nice that they know his history and really seem to care about him. I love our vet and her staff! :)

We had the option of a cone or old t-shirt. The shirt looks dopey, but I thought it would be the more comfortable of the choices. He is not amused. :)

Begging for cheese. I spoiled him just a little bit that evening. I figure he deserved it after such a long day.

I also asked the vet to look at his very red paw and she said he had a yeast infection between his toes. I said it started right after I had him groomed, could that be a cause, and she just smiled and nodded. Can’t win! So now he has a few days of antianxiety meds, pain relievers, antibiotics for the yeast, and wipes I’m supposed to clean his paw twice a day. Between his meds and my meds, my counter is starting to look like a pharmacy!

PS.  The word “Arlo” is a very unattractive word.  :/  I should have that of that before proposing the name!  Lesson learned. 


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