More skating

Are you tired of my skating videos yet?  We went again today and the kids are rocking!  Another time or two on the ice and they’re going to be better skaters than I am… which isn’t really saying much. :)  Today Eve figured out how to stop by dragging a skate.  I don’t know if that’s the proper way to stop (remember my skating skills?) but it works for her.  Often it results in a fancy figure skating spin at the end. :)

It looks like she fell at the end there, but really it was a fancy figure skating move and she recovered nicely. I should have left the camera running for a few more seconds! :)


We went ice skating again this afternoon. No tantrums, no drama, all fun. Both kids are definitely getting the hang of it. Lex generally stays on his feet and has learned to get up easily after a fall and Eve, when she focuses on what she’s doing, can make it around without falls too! She discovered today that she can get going really fast with the crates.


Lex looks like a pro in this picture! :)


A quick break

the end

Always, the best for last!

Unfortunately I took my first fall today! My butt hit first, then my back. My wrists must have hit at some point too because both sore this evening (sorer than usual, that is!) Otherwise no pain. Mom, remind me of this if I’m dealing with sciatica again in six months!


We made it, barely, to the Skate with Santa program this evening. It’s really hard getting out the door with kids in the evening. We were all tired from the day. I worked all day and after school I took Lex to get his hair cut so we didn’t really have much time at home. I asked them to do two simple chores before dinner and they didn’t do them, or homework, so we had a bit of a struggle, but eventually we made it. It was one of those situations were I wasn’t looking forward to the getting there or the home afterwards parts, but I knew we would all have fun when we were there. So we went, and we had fun. Turns out Santa doesn’t know how to ice skate. He sat off the rink and was available for (expensive) photos. I don’t think many people did it. He kept trying to talk with Eve while we were getting her skates on and off. She giggled, but wasn’t interested in engaging with him. :)

Here are a few pics and a short video. In the video you can see Lex in the middle wearing a bright orange hat. We forgot helmets. Oops! Several grown-ups there were concerned for their little noggins, but fortunately we all survived!





I’m always amazed at how quickly they pick things up! It was also fun to see some of their classmates who were practically born on skates. Skating is a big deal around here. These kids were playing tag and hide-n-seek and other silly things, all on skates. They were as fluid on skates as they are in sneakers!

No Injuries!!! (or Our First Time on Skates)

After a much needed quiet, slow day (snow day!) we had dinner then headed out to attempt ice skating! Alan and I have each tried it once before, in high school, many (many!) years ago, but basically it was the first time for all of us! And it was FUN!! By the end of our 40 minute skate Lex was skating(-ish) without the milk crates. They both, we all!, want to go back again!

on the ice

Just getting on the ice.


Smiling Lex


Happy Eve


Eve got tired (it was already past bedtime!) and sat on her milk crates for a break. At one point she sat on the crates and I pushed her around for a bit. That was fun :)

no crates

Lex with no crates. He got brave!


Leaving the ice. We closed the place down! :)


Now for the final act - The Zamboni!!