No Injuries!!! (or Our First Time on Skates)

After a much needed quiet, slow day (snow day!) we had dinner then headed out to attempt ice skating! Alan and I have each tried it once before, in high school, many (many!) years ago, but basically it was the first time for all of us! And it was FUN!! By the end of our 40 minute skate Lex was skating(-ish) without the milk crates. They both, we all!, want to go back again!

on the ice

Just getting on the ice.


Smiling Lex


Happy Eve


Eve got tired (it was already past bedtime!) and sat on her milk crates for a break. At one point she sat on the crates and I pushed her around for a bit. That was fun :)

no crates

Lex with no crates. He got brave!


Leaving the ice. We closed the place down! :)


Now for the final act - The Zamboni!!

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