Five year checkup!

We went to the doctor for Eve’s 5yr checkup yesterday. She’s come a long way from this (her one year checkup)…

eve at one

She is happy and healthy and strong, of course. She did everything the doctor asked her to (and then some!) and got a clean bill of health. She weighed in at 45lbs (80%) and was 45.5″ tall (94%). The doctor said that was a big jump in percentile from last year. I measured her on the wall at 44.25″ so I’m wondering if perhaps they weren’t real accurate at the office today. My measurement would have had her on her same growth curve, without the big jump. Anyway, it doesn’t matter. She’s healthy and tall. If you’re paying close attention you’ll notice she is roughly the same height that Lex was at his 6yr checkup! :)

five year old

Big five year old!

eve in car

She no longer even fits in the wooden car they love to play in at the doctor's waiting room.

Super quick update

I’m employing Starfall as my babysitter for a few minutes so I can do some Good Beginnings work. That done, I’m going to take two more minutes for a blog update as I noticed I left you all hanging on the sick thing.

Lex is feeling much better now. He went to school Tuesday morning, despite red rosy checks and a warm forehead. He insisted he felt fine and wanted to go to school. He came home yesterday afternoon wanting to take a nap (no surprise!). Unfortunately his bed was stripped and instead of waiting for me to remake his bed he decided to watch Toy Story instead. They both settled into the dark living room (darn winter!) and watched Toy Story. He almost dozed off a few times, but didn’t. I took the opportunity to bake a pumpkin pie. More on that later!

He went to bed feeling fine and woke up this morning happy and ready to go back to school. Yay!

The other good news from today is that Eve’s eye sight progress is going well. We had a checkup this morning and her eye doctor was very happy with her progress. I guess when she first got her glasses she measured at 20/30-20/40 corrected, but now she was 20/20 corrected. Which means her left eye is working harder and her vision is improving. Yay! The doctor was very pleased and Eve, of course, was a Wonderful Patient (or so said her sticker reward at the end.)

Ok, time to shut down and go… make dinner I suppose. Or maybe I’ll cuddle and play Starfall with them for awhile. :)

Lex’s six year check up

We had an awesome visit to the doctor’s office today. Seriously. Lex had an appointment at 9:15 and he chose to go to school for an hour first instead of just going in late. The surprised me a bit, but it worked out well. He happily left with me when I came to pick him up. He did an awesome job at the appointment. He behaved well, he cooperated with the doctor and did everything she asked him to. It was just awesome. Then, to top it all off, he happily went back to school! He was chatting with everyone along the way, on the way out telling people where he was going and on the way back telling people that he was growing well and very healthy. It was adorable and by far the smoothest part of my day! How often can you say that about a doctor’s appointment.


His stats are all good: 50lbs (73rd percentile and up 8lbs from last year!) and 44 1/2″ (31st percentile). I, and the doctor, think there was a measurement error last year. His record said 44″ at his 5yr checkup, but we all agreed he’s grown more than 1/2″ this year. My oh-so-formal pencil on the wall measurement system had him at 42″ last year and 44 1/2″ this year. I think that’s more likely. She agreed.

Somewhat unrelated to the doctor visit, but very related to his turning six, Lex had a new milestone yesterday. He actually spoke on the phone!!! I had Alan on speaker phone and Eve was talking to him. Lex ran over to see what was going and then he started talking too! Right at the phone! :) I doubt Alan could understand what either of them were saying because they were both talking excitedly and over one another, but nonetheless Alan was excited to hear Lex’s voice over the phone! He is growing up.

I was just reading some posts from when he was three and four years old… I get lost in my own blog sometimes. I can spend hours, seriously, reading about what happened in my own life, in my own house, years ago. I mention this only to say that Lex really, truly, has come a long way. There are so many posts about struggles with him. Fighting. Yelling. Pure exhaustion. He is such a sweet, nice boy now. He was then too, but it’s different now. Minor issues still, but nothing, nothing!, like it was before. I feel like I’ve weathered (or conquered?) a storm and now have a beautiful, nearly calm sea to explore. I truly am fortunate.

First trip to the eye doctor… Bust!

Eve had her first eye doctor appointment this morning. I scheduled it for 8:30am so it would fit nicely with the flow of our morning, she would be well rested, not hungry, etc. We have been talking about it for a week or two now. I’ve explained what will happen, no shots, fun pictures, etc. She has been to the office (exact same room even!) once or twice with me. She was fine… until they called her in!

She said all morning that she didn’t want to go but she didn’t fight it. Once we were in the waiting room though, she tucked herself into a corner, clung to the bookshelf, resisted as much as her tiny body could. I carried her into the first examining room with the nurse (I presume) but Eve just buried her head and wouldn’t look up. With a bit of small talk we discovered the nurse was also the mother of Eve’s favorite teacher at school, but even that was not enough to make Eve lift her head and look at the picture of a house.

So the nurse brought us to the actual examining room where I got Eve settled and relaxed again. I even offered her a sweet bribe (lunch at Panera) for cooperation with the doctor. She colored and read books happily until the doctor came in and then buried her face right back into my neck. I sat in the chair, did my best to get her situated on my lap, the doctor was super nice and promised to let her watch some Nemo at the end. Nothing. At one point I even had Eve sitting properly (me holding down her hands) and head up (my hand on her forehead, keeping it up) but she squeezed her eyes shut tight and wouldn’t open them. Not much we can do from there. Sigh.

The doctor was really nice and said it happens sometimes… every few months, with the really little ones, she said. I’m not sure Eve counts as a really little one, but maybe. Anyway, she suggested we try again in a few weeks. When I told Eve it was now or we’d come back in a few weeks, she started wailing! She cried and cried all the way out to the car. Then she got mad me because she didn’t get her lunch at Panera Bread. Funny girl. I wanted to run errands after her appointment but when I mentioned it she started wailing again, so instead we came home and snuggled on the couch and read books for an hour. Then played outside in the beautiful sunshine.

We are going to try again in a few weeks, but if that appointment turns out the same I think I’ll just hold off and try again next year. I can’t imagine 20/30 vision is all that detrimental to a four year old. It was very unusual behavior for her, but I think she must have been nervous, despite my best efforts at prepping her. Guess I’ll have to up my prepping techniques… The Berenstain Bears must have gone to the eye doctor, right? :)

Eve’s 4yr check-up

Happy April 1st. The April Fools Day joke today was snow and school cancellation. I was looking at pictures from Eve’s 3yr check up and there was sunshine and green grass. Not today! Instead I had to take both kids to the doctor where we waited for over an hour. Sigh. They were as well behaved as can be expected for two bouncy kids in the doctor’s office at lunch time.

Eve, of course, is healthy and strong. She weighs 41lbs and is 42″ tall. The doctor didn’t tell me her percentages, but I’m sure they are fine. We know she’s tall. The doctor said she looked healthy and great. She also got an eye exam today, which I was eager for, and the nurse said she seems to have 20/40 vision. Eve was very silly and Lex was quite distracting, so I think it was hard for her to get an accurate read, but Alan and I have noticed that Eve may not have perfect eye sight. The doctor recommended an appointment with an eye doctor. More on that later.

Eve got three shots at the end of the appointment and cried the whole way home. I got a little bit of lunch in her and then put her to bed. Lex is having quiet time now and I’m trying not to eat all the cookies we have in the house. I really need a sugar detox this week and it’s going to have to begin with a purge of all remaining birthday sweets.

Today is our last day of swimming lessons, marking the end of a crazy week. We are looking forward to a quiet weekend.

Lex’s five year check-up

Lex at the doctors Lex had his five year check-up today. He is strong and healthy, of course. The nurse took his stats (42lbs, 44″) and when the doctor came in she said, “Wow, he’s in the 90th percentile for weight and 110th…” and trailed off as she looked at him and realized those numbers MUST be wrong. Turns out the nurse had entered 48lbs and 56″. When the doctore corrected things Lex ended up in the 66th percentile for weight and 70th for height. He’s a growing boy! He had another eye exam (20/20 – he has his daddy’s eyes!) and the best part… no shots!! He was asking me about them this morning and I didn’t know if he needed any or not. He was worried, but the whole drive over he kept saying, “I don’t like shots, but I’ll be brave. I’m a brave boy. I don’t like them, but I’ll be brave.” So cute!! And so relieved when the nurse said he didn’t need any! :) Happy June!

My idea of a good morning

My idea of a good day starts with a shot-free trip to the doctor’s office.

Eve went in for her 3yr well child check up. She’s 36lbs and 38″, which makes her 90% for weight and 75% for height. The doctor said she was just perfect! I said, of course! :) I had prepped her for the whole exam and we were pleasantly surprised that there are no vaccinations at the 3yr checkup. I really should know the vaccine schedule by now, but alas, I don’t.

Eve at the doctor

Eve being silly at the doctor visit

Then continues at the playground on a warm, sunny day.

No school today (parent/teacher conference day) so we went to our nearby elementary school for some serious playing. This is where Lex will be going to kindergarten. We all love the playground!

At the playground

Making Xs at the playground

Down the slide

Down the slide!

Includes my son saying, “Mom, can I share your apple?” Ok, that really MADE my day!! The three of us shared an apple while they ran around and played.

Lex eats an apple

Yes, he really ate it!

Eve eats an apple

She did too. (On another note, time to dig out the sun hats!)

Then the morning ends with happy kids leaving the playground, eating a nice lunch, and taking easy naps. You can’t beat that for a good morning! Now I have to do some cleaning and hopefully we’ll be meeting some friends at another playground this afternoon. Happy April!!!

Getting the mail

Lex has been getting the mail for me for awhile now and recently Eve started asking to help him. They walk out together and Lex explains the safety rules to her, every single time! She patiently listens and they then happily get the mail together.

A visit with the allergist

Here is how my day went.  Dropped Lex off at school, dropped Eve off at daycare, went to work for 2hrs.  Picked Lex up from school and dropped him off at daycare (sneakily so Eve wouldn’t see me!).  Back to work for 1hr.  Picked Eve up from daycare (sneakily so Lex wouldn’t see me!) and took her to her allergist appointment.  Ran a few errands and headed back.  Eve insisted on picking up Lex early (“I miss my brother!”), but fell asleep in the car on the way there, so instead we went home where I did some lawn chores for 45 minutes while she slept in the car.  Back to daycare to pick up Lex.  I felt like a taxi service today!

Eve in dress-up clothesThe good news, however, is that Eve is a superstar at doctors appointments. We met with the allergist for a checkup.  Height/weight/heart/lungs, you know, the usual.  He also sent us down for blood work to test Eve for tree nut allergies.  Last year they did a skin test just for peanuts, and now that she’s a bit older he was ready to do a blood test for tree nuts (and peanuts).  I am looking forward to the results next week!  If she comes back negative for tree nuts then we can start, carefully!, feeding her almonds and walnuts and other tasty things.  That would be nice.  At the lab the doctor asked how Eve was with getting her blood drawn and I could honestly say I had no idea, we’ve never done that before.  Turns out she is awesome!!  She sat on my lap, clutching doggie, and let the doctor and nurse hold her hand/arm, feel for a vein, and draw two vials of blood!  He said they prefer two but take whatever they can get with the little kids.  He was amazed at how calm she was.  She didn’t even cry or flinch!  I think that’s pretty cool, but…

Eve has this tendency that at first was cute and now it weird me out a bit.  Whenever she’s in a situation that’s uncomfortable she seems to “checkout.”  Her eyes get distant and she stares off over your shoulder.  It’s weird.  It’s mostly weird when she does it when people are hugging or touching her.  She draws attention from everyone she meets and normally she loves it, but several times I’ve seen small kids try to touch or hug her and she just stands there and glazes over.  Totally weirds me out!  One day last winter at a friends house her and a 1yr old boy were playing and suddenly got quiet.  His mom and I found them in a corner, he was leaning his hand on her and sucking on her necklace, she was leaning against the all and looked trapped, but totally “checked out.”  In the waiting room today a 3yr old boy was fascinated with her and kept following her around, trying to hug her.  She made small efforts to get away and then just checked out.  I’m trying to teach her to use words and tell people she doesn’t want hugs.  I tell her (even right as the situation is happening) that she can always say “stop, I don’t want a hug.”  I’m sure it’s just weird toddler behavior, but I can’t help feeling like I need to teach her to speak up if she doesn’t like the situation.  Girl power!  Anyway, I’m tired and rambling.

We got a fun box of dress-up clothes in the mail yesterday from Aunt Betty.  We’ve all been having fun with the hats and grass skirts :)

Eve’s 6 month checkup

We went to the doctor this morning for Eve’s 6mo
checkup. She is, of course, strong, healthy, and doing fine.
She’s 17lbs 2oz and 27″ long. Passed all of the checks and got
rewarded with 4 shots in her pudgy little thighs. Poor girl.
She was great all day, but they seem to be catching up with her
tonight as she’s been fussy, hot and not sleeping well.
Hopefully her recent doese of Tylenol will help.
(Picture from the doctor’s office this morning.
Pre-shots, of course.)

We had a great visit with the family this
weekend. Even my uncle from CA was in town! It felt like a
whirlwind of restaurants and we were all exhausted by the end
:) Well fed, but exhausted :) Eve got her first experience with
restaurant high chairs and another shot at swimming. She loved
it this time. A good time was had by all. (Four
generations at the playground)

On a down note, I heard back from the job I was
hoping for and they decided to go with someone else. I’m pretty
bummed, mostly because I let myself get too excited about it.
Blah. I have two more interviews this week and a playdate with
a woman who does childcare, so I’ll be picking her brain and
maybe she can relieve some of my fears in that dept so I can
move forward with that instead of job hunting. It’s all so
complicated :/ Tell me again why money can’t grow on trees?? :)
(My children’s reaction when I got off the phone,
after being turned down for a good job, and said BLAH!! They
were hysterical. They always help to put things in

Eve’s 4 month check up

Eve had her 4mo doctor’s visit today.
She’s now 15lbs and 25 1/2″ and all is well. She’s in the 75%
for weight, 90% for height, and 50% for head circumference.
She’s strong and holding her head up, “good core strength” said
the doctor. She also got her 2nd round of vaccinations. She was
non too pleased about them, but she’s sleeping peacefully now.
Such a good baby.

We discussed starting
solids and I think I’m going to wait a few weeks. You’re
supposed to start between 4 and 6 months. I think she has many
of the readiness signs (reaches for food, grabs my spoon,
starting to sit up, head control) but not all of them (hunger
for more than milk, putting everything in the mouth). More
importantly, I’m just not ready for her to be on solids yet :)
It takes a lot of time when baby starts solids, especially with
the Super Baby Food plan we prefer. I’m going to wait a few
more weeks until she seems a bit more ready and I’ve settled
into things.