Five year checkup!

We went to the doctor for Eve’s 5yr checkup yesterday. She’s come a long way from this (her one year checkup)…

eve at one

She is happy and healthy and strong, of course. She did everything the doctor asked her to (and then some!) and got a clean bill of health. She weighed in at 45lbs (80%) and was 45.5″ tall (94%). The doctor said that was a big jump in percentile from last year. I measured her on the wall at 44.25″ so I’m wondering if perhaps they weren’t real accurate at the office today. My measurement would have had her on her same growth curve, without the big jump. Anyway, it doesn’t matter. She’s healthy and tall. If you’re paying close attention you’ll notice she is roughly the same height that Lex was at his 6yr checkup! :)

five year old

Big five year old!

eve in car

She no longer even fits in the wooden car they love to play in at the doctor's waiting room.

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