Super quick update

I’m employing Starfall as my babysitter for a few minutes so I can do some Good Beginnings work. That done, I’m going to take two more minutes for a blog update as I noticed I left you all hanging on the sick thing.

Lex is feeling much better now. He went to school Tuesday morning, despite red rosy checks and a warm forehead. He insisted he felt fine and wanted to go to school. He came home yesterday afternoon wanting to take a nap (no surprise!). Unfortunately his bed was stripped and instead of waiting for me to remake his bed he decided to watch Toy Story instead. They both settled into the dark living room (darn winter!) and watched Toy Story. He almost dozed off a few times, but didn’t. I took the opportunity to bake a pumpkin pie. More on that later!

He went to bed feeling fine and woke up this morning happy and ready to go back to school. Yay!

The other good news from today is that Eve’s eye sight progress is going well. We had a checkup this morning and her eye doctor was very happy with her progress. I guess when she first got her glasses she measured at 20/30-20/40 corrected, but now she was 20/20 corrected. Which means her left eye is working harder and her vision is improving. Yay! The doctor was very pleased and Eve, of course, was a Wonderful Patient (or so said her sticker reward at the end.)

Ok, time to shut down and go… make dinner I suppose. Or maybe I’ll cuddle and play Starfall with them for awhile. :)

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