Evening update

I woke him at 2:30 to go pick up Eve. He was hot and feverish. I gave him more medicine, hoping he would feel better by the time we got to school. No such luck. Instead I was faced with the decision of leaving a sick boy alone in the car, clutching his vomit bowl just in case, or bringing him in to the school, bowl, sick germs, and all. I let him choose. He crawled up on to my back, I held the vomit bowl, and we made our way in. He PROMISED me he would not throw up on my neck. Ick! I sat him down in the hallway with his bowl and I got Eve all signed out, then back to the car we went. When we got back home he still wasn’t feeling well. I asked if he wanted a movie on the couch, but he asked for his bed again instead. I carried him upstairs, sat him in bed, and he threw up. A LOT! Luckily that vomit bowl was still in hand. After that he slept until we woke him up at 6pm for dinner. Actually he got up once in the middle to use the bathroom. I’m still impressed that I didn’t have to change wet sheets today with all that sick sleeping. (I did change the sheets tonight anyway, just to give him a fresh set for the night.) At dinner he said he felt much better. He ate some oatmeal, took a shower, then cuddled with Alan on the couch for awhile. Back in bed at 7:30, saying he feels fine. He still has a fever though, so we’ll see how tomorrow goes. Fingers crossed he’s 100% again! :)

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