Poor Lex woke up this morning feeling rotten. Achy body, achy head, rumbly tumbly, sad all over. I took his temp (under arm because he was scared of the oral method) and it was 101.5° After cuddling for awhile I dosed him up with acetaminophen and managed to get a little breakfast in him. He’s so sweet and polite and adorable when he’s sick. The medicine made him perk up a bit and we spent the morning playing blocks on the floor. I played off and on, while getting a few long overdue chores done in the kitchen as well. Yay! The medicine was wearing off when we brought Eve to school. On the way home I asked Lex if he wanted his normal quiet time (on my bed with a book) or something special, like TV on the couch. He chose my bed. Hmmm… halfway up the stairs (on my back) he decided he wanted his bed instead. He was asleep before I left the room. He’s still napping. Sadly I’m going to have to wake up in up a few minutes so we can go get Eve. I’ll probably dose him up again to get through the afternoon. I hope it’s a quick fever!


Blocks = hours of fun

They make pretty elaborate setups with the blocks. Lex likes to make airports. In the very front is a baggage train bringing baggage to the airplane. The yellow block with the red triangle on top is the driver. In the right, middle is a baggege screening area. Green and brown people with red heads are standing in line to put their luggage on the conveyor belt. Another green guy with a red head is standing between two red screens, viewing the luggage on the x-ray machine. In the back of that little group is another green guy and a purple guy waiting to pick up their luggage. For some reason he always starts his airports with the baggage screening area. In the back Eve has built a group of cats and dogs out of the big plastic blocks. The animals weren't feeling well so she loaded them on to trucks to drive them to the vet. I love the imagination.. and the amount of time they are able to focus on this game!

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