Seven year check-up!

We had Lex’s seven year check-up today! Seven years old! My, how time flies. He was not very happy to go, but I appreciate that he doesn’t physically fight with us much anymore. I had to carry him into the exam room, but he didn’t protest or fight, instead he just snuggled in and fussed. On the way over he kept saying, “I’m not very excited to go to the doctor’s office.” To which I had to reply, “Of course not, no one ever is!”

lex p2

This is his general opinion on going to the doctor. At least he just sulks these days and doesn't physically object. Fortunately we have a good doctor who is able to get him chatting and make the appoinment go smoothly.

He did a good job though and cooperated with the doctor. No surprise, he’s a well and growing boy. They measured him at 48″ (now he can ride the rides, right?!) and 56lbs. Which puts him at the 73rd percentile for weight and 32nd for height. Not that that matters at all, but I like to know. :)

lex p1

Open wiiiide.....

Then we came home and he was antsy and picking all afternoon, like something was just off with him. Not sure if it was brought on by the doctor’s appointment or something else. Bedtime was an hour late (thanks to a birthday dessert!) but I’m hoping he’ll sleep well and wake up his usual chipper self!

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