Happy Thanksgiving!

Another wonderful Thanksgiving is on the books.  It’s a cold, snowy week.  We took the new Leaf to Franklin, which was an interesting experiment that turned a 4.5hr trip into a about 7.5hrs.  We all decided not to try that again!  It all worked out ok though and we made it to the homestead safe and sound.

Photos all courtesy of Rosy.

Beautiful falls that great us and let us know we are home.

Rosy and Mema put together a great menu for our Greek Thanksgiving. We had a Greek cheese platter for lunch, and Greek Pastisio, Classic Spanakopita, and Lemon Roasted Potatoes for dinner.  So good!

Only the fanciest for this party!

Rosys first Spanakopita. I helped with the phyllo layering!  It was delicious!

As usual, we got a little silly with the camera.

We need more peeps from this generation at our parties!

The next generation is catching up quick!

Our best attempt at a family photo. :p

The obligatory Thanksgiving meal photo.

The standard photo for our family.

With the leftover phyllo dough I made tasty cinnamon honey rolls with toasted walnuts.

The best part, of course, was (is!) being with family and enjoying our time together.


The middle school held their first ever talent show this month.  Jazz band played the opening number, with Lex on bongos.  It was fun watching the jazz band and realizing I know about half the kids in it.

The evening continued with music, dance, and even a few magic tricks. It was everything you would expect from a middle school talent show.  I was amazed with the bravery these kids had.  Kids were up there, alone on stage, singing their hearts out.  It was awesome.

I only took pictures of my own kid though. :)


All about me

I had a nice visit with the allergist today.  Bright and early.  Well, not bright because thanks to day light savings time and winter, it’s damn dark these days!  And rainy. Anyway, where was I?  Right, at the allergist.  Getting poked and prodded.

They tested me for 38 different things and I only got two reactions!  Cats and dust.  Exactly what I was expecting.  Seems I’ve outgrown the tree allergy though, which is good.  She said both are very common and the size of my reactions means it’s highly unlikely that allergies are the cause of my breathing issues.  (Holy moly, I was just looking for a post about my last surgery and came across this one about allergy testing two years ago. I’d completely forgotten about it!  I guess I wasn’t allergic to trees two years ago either. Totally forgot! Also, glad they did it on my arms this time!)

Yesterday I went back to visit the ENT surgeon who did my throat surgery two years ago. He did the same yucky scope again and said that there is definitely blockage.  Again!  In fact, he showed me the hole at the top of my trachea and said it should actually be 3-4 times larger than it is!  I said, “would that explain..” and he said, “Yes! The wheezing and the breathing and everything.”  The real question though is “why?”  Why does this keep happening?  After further discussion, the going theory is acid reflux.  I did a little research and it all does fit together.  So the next step is to make a plan for reflux meds and schedule surgery — again.