Allergy tests

In my never-ending mild medical saga, I went to see an allergist today.  I told her the whole long tale, then she did a skin test to see what I’m allergic too.  Turns out it’s pretty much the same old stuff: cats, dogs, and dust.  I’m not allergic to trees anymore, so that’s good. 

I got 42 pin pricks. Good times. (It’s hard to take a picture of your own back!)

She recommended an allergy med and prescribed a nasal mist (yuck!), but she didn’t have a clear explanation for my breathing problems.  She agreed that the treachea surgery is a good idea and thought maybe some speech/vocal therapy would be good too.  She said to check in with her in six months to see how the surfer affected things.  

While I was waiting I pulled up my blog post of Eve’s allergy testing.  That was a good day!! Her back is so much cuter than mine! (Here is her initial test.  She was so adorable!!)

So off we go to surgery on Tuesday.  I hope it works!!!

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