December is (almost) upon us.  Just a few more hours.  The kids are so excited fornadvent boxes each year, which is awesome because I really wanted to make a tradition that they looked forward to, but also stressful trying to come up with something new and interesting for those tiny boxes each year! 

This year I got the boxes up, but there is nothing exciting in them, just candy. In fact, Eve even saw me buying the candy! It’s hard to be sneaky when you have no free time! Sigh. I’m sure they will love the candy and the annual count-down, and who knows, maybe I’ll come up with a few fun surprises to add to the boxes along the way. 😊

2 thoughts on “December

  1. Maybe you can make weekends special, put an ingredient for a christmas recipe, of a picture to paint…. its hard to fit stuff in that little box i bet, but maybe a part of a bigger project to stay busy on a sat or Sunday.
    dont be hard on yourself, you are Awesome Tessa!!!<3

  2. Congratulations on meeting the deadline! I agree with Joyce, and and slipping little love notes in, coupons for special activities, even opportunities to do some volunteering or giving to others….it will keep them guessing if you supplement the boxes randomly! Much love, your decorations inspire hope that we will have another precious family Christmas together soon…..<3

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