A little holiday cheer

Today I put aside all of the work thoughts and health issues and clutter (mental and literal), and went out for a day of holiday fun!

We started at the karate holiday party (and sale) where I purchased a few Christmas presents and the kids played games and are donuts! 

Look at Miss Eve back on the floor! They had a blast!

Then we headed over to the annual Gingerbread Festival where we looked at houses, lamented the old days when the crafts weren’t so babyish (or the kids weren’t so not babyish), and had a little lunch.

An ice blue castle, an Appalachian cabin (notice the snow shoes?), and 17 Cherry Tree Lane from Mary Poppins.

The GingerBand Stand with ice skaters out front, a Hobbit hole, and the three little pigs.

The Dothan Brook School subdivision.

Eve decided to decorate a cookie, but Lex’s face says it all about the babyish craft projects.

The kids weren’t interested in bidding on a house, so when we finished lunch we headed out.  We dropped Lex off at home, then Eve and I headed to a holiday craft fair where we found great little teacher fits and Eve made a cool coaster.  Then I dropped her at a birthday party and I went to the pharmacy and swung by The Paper Store for some impulse shopping! 

Home again for dinner and a movie.

Happy holidays! 

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