The middle school held their first ever talent show this month.  Jazz band played the opening number, with Lex on bongos.  It was fun watching the jazz band and realizing I know about half the kids in it.

The evening continued with music, dance, and even a few magic tricks. It was everything you would expect from a middle school talent show.  I was amazed with the bravery these kids had.  Kids were up there, alone on stage, singing their hearts out.  It was awesome.

I only took pictures of my own kid though. :)


Rock and Roll Band Camp

Lex did his second year [first year] at the Hartford Performing Arts Camp this week. The theme was Rock and Roll! They all got tie-dye t-shirts and the final performance today was a rock musical version of Cinderella. So much fun!

My drummer boy!

“Ash” crowd surfing at the concert. :)

I never get tired of watching him play!

“Ash,” getting teased by his “sisters.” The girl in the purple tutu was in Lex’s class and she’s an amazing performer. We always enjoy watching her on stage.

Ice cream at the end.

Another great year! Next year both kids will go. :)

House update

Things are moving along fast with the house! We’ve got a garage framed, upstairs rooms framed, HVAC stuff in place, bathtubs in place, and the roof on. I got an email this morning from the builder saying the windows and doors have arrived and the cabinets and flooring are ordered. Eek! Coming along so quickly now!

We are still adding pictures almost daily to the Picasa Album.

We went over the other day with chalk and marked out beds, dressers, couches, and the kitchen table. I think it will all fit!!

Hello boys!

Eve, measuring out her bed.

Lex trying out the bed space.

The family room, looking into the upstairs bathroom.

Standing at the to of the stairs, looking in to Eve’s room, with Lex’s room in the background.

Ohh.. I hope we get to keep this little table. :)

On another day, while I spoke with the builders, Eve took some pictures and a video.

On the homefront (old homefront?) things are moving along as well. We are working on a contract to sell this house. It has been a frustrating process and we’re getting less $ than we had hoped for, but Alan and I keep running the numbers and still believe it’s the best option. Things will work out for the best. I’m sure of it. It’s going to be busy for the next few months!!

Fun at the fair

The kids and I went back to the fair this year. This time we took Alan with us. :) Ride tickets are ridiculously priced ($1.25/ticket and most rides take 3-5 tickets!) so I like to go on ride bracelet day. You pay $20 for a ride bracelet, but you can go on as many rides as you want for four hours! This year I bought a ride bracelet for myself as well. Usually I buy bracelets for the kids and a few tickets for me so I can go on slow rides like the ferris wheel, rides that I can take the backpack on. This year though, since there were two adults to tend the backpack, I got a ride bracelet. I slipped it off my wrist a few times to let Alan have some fun as well. :)



This year Lex was up for some big scary rides, which I was happy to go on with him! The only two I didn’t want to do were the Zipper (which was closed anyway) and the Pharroh’s Fury (crazy swinging boat thing that I have done in the past and find terrifying!). Anything else, I’m game!




After four hours at the fair we were all sweaty and worn out. Once the ride bracelets expire we are generally done. They have tons of farm stuff, tractor pulls, face painting, 4H stuff, and so much more, but we just go for the rides. :)

This day is also the very last day that our local ice cream shop will be open, ever. To celebrate they hosted a “customer appreciation day” where all ice cream was free until gone. We were in just the mood for ice cream! By the time we got there they were down to three flavors and limited toppings, but I let the kids get smalls (instead of the usual x-small) and two toppings and they were in heaven!


Lex was momentarily delayed when he dropped his ice cream into the gravel and it got rocks stuck in it. I insisted on a photo before he removed the rocks, deemed it still edible, and dug in. Happiness is.