Two houses being built…

Funny story. I was out walking Arlo on Monday morning and decided to stop by the new house. When I got close I noticed there was a lot of activity going on and discovered that they were working on our house and the show house at the same time. At our house there were two guys in sweaty t-shirts banging with hammers on the wood frame around the foundation (they were removing the framing). At the show house there were six guys, wearing clean jeans, white t-shirts, and OSHA safety belts. They were posting for a picture of them (three of them together!) measuring with a chalk line. One guy had a camera, and another guy had a broom!! Sweeping up the foundation. I literally laughed out loud. Cleanest job site ever!

They have drones! Think they’ll do a flyover of my house too?! :)

Cleanest job site ever!

Our house. Not so clean. :)

That was Monday. Today Eve and I stopped by after school and found this:

Foundation insulation? Alan says this is excellent, so I’m happy too. :)

Starting to look like a house now?

Eve is not impressed. (just kidding, really she was just tired)

We also found Alan there talking to a guy from SunCommon. Alan’s dream is being realized. There will be solar panels on our house! :)

He also spoke with the builder before we got there and the builder said they would be pouring the rest of the foundation early next week. They have to finish the framing on the show house and get it weatherized before they can do the framing on our house. It won’t be too long though!