New house update

The poured the footers (I think that’s what it’s called!) the other day.  We got there just in time to see them cleaning the cement mixer and putting the rebar in.

Does it look like a house yet?!

Today we had our friend in the car so we stopped by to show her the new house.  Eve and I explained in great detail how the girls would get back and forth to one another’s houses after we move.  Right now it’s a short jaunt down the street, but this fall they will have to go around a few corners.  I reassured them that it would be ok, but they are still concerned because they won’t be able to see each others houses.  It’s nice to have good friends just down the street.  <3

Over the dirt pile, past the house, through the trees, and you’re there!

We all wrote our names in the dirt. :)

Eve, playing in the new garage, with a big bag of candy! (we had just come from a birthday party with a pinata)

I wonder what comes next.  :)


Middle School Spring Concert

I never imagined I would be spending as much time watching my children perform as I have been this spring!  Concerts and plays and spelling bees and plays, oh my!

Lex had his spring concert this week.  The band was great and I always love watching him on percussion.  The middle school has a fun jazz band too and Lex decided he would join that next year.