A big day at soccer practice

It was a big day at soccer practice today. The long-awaited t-shirts came in!


I’ve got some weird angles on these photos. I’m not sure why they went with white for kid soccer shirts. I bet they will all be grungy soon! Eve wouldn’t put her shirt on. She’s a little grumpy with soccer lately. I think she is tired and ready for summer vacation. She keeps asking to go to the beach. :) Lex, on the other hand, LOVES soccer and is eager for soccer camp this summer!

Nice save!

Eve made a great while playing goalie at soccer practice this week.  Everyone cheered for her. The bast part though, is that she takes no credit for it.  As she tells the story, with great enthusiasm, “Nick kicked the ball right at my leg and it bounced off!!! Isn’t that so funny?!”.

The next day she drew a picture of the event at school.



Sunshine and soccer

Spring is finally here and with it.. SUNSHINE! My favorite. We had a picnic snack on the porch after school one day last week and the kids have been “practicing soccer” each afternoon. Eve even dug out her summer clothes.



We have daffodils blooming and the weather forecast for this week is full of sunshine as well. Whoo hoo!


I signed the kids up for spring soccer, which started today. They were both pretty excited for it. I was excited when we got there and they participated and had fun! Flashbacks to t-ball years ago kept swirling in my head and I was hoping it would be better this time around. It was! It was windy and only 40° outside, so those of us on the sidelines were chilly, but the kids had a blast!


Caption courtesy of Eve.




They came home with an assignment to practice dribbling. Let’s hope the enthusiasm holds through the spring. :)