March for Our Lives

The gun violence in this country is so out of hand and I struggle to make sense of it. Every time there is a school shooting my heart breaks for the families and children and communities. It impacts ALL of us. Going to school the next day and trying to reassure students (and ourselves!) that it will all be ok is becoming more and more difficult. I don’t know what to do, but I need to do something. I started small today by attending a March for Our Lives rally in Montpelier, organized by GunSenseVT and Moms Demand Action. I signed up for their lists. I held a sign, wore their buttons, and tried not to cry as speakers discussed how school shoots have impacted them and their communities. It is scary and terrifying and infuriating. There were a few moments of levity when the annual naked bike parade came pedaling by, but even that could only do so much to quell the somber mood. I wish we could do more.

I did not take any pictures of the naked bikers who then moved into the park was the March for Our Lives rally was ending. They sprawled out on the state house steps and posed for group (team?) pictures. We left and got some pizza before driving home.