Welcome to a new year!  A year that will result in another awesome year at our awesome house, a Masters degree for me, a trip to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Florida, a new school for Lex (high school!), and I’m sure so much more.

We celebrated NYE in the usual homebody way.  We watched a movie, played some games, ate Cheetos (somehow that has become a tradition), opened our Family Fun Jar, and watched the ball drop.  Not only did we all stay awake until midnight, but we did so easily!  I was enjoying our evening immensely, but when we turned on the TV and saw all the people in Times Square, wearing dumb hats from Planet Fitness, even dumber 2019 glasses, and even dumber plastic bags — standing in the cold rain — I enjoyed our cozy family evening even more.

Nothing like late night math games for this geeky family! LOL!

A little Apples to Apples next. It’s kind of like the kid-friendly Cards Against Humanity. (It’s hard to get a good picture of my gawky teen/preteen these days!)

Family Fun Jar – 2018 edition

Lots of ticket stubs and programs in there this year.

Also Arlo’s tag. :/

Fireworks! We got the TV on about five minutes before the ball dropped. Once the TV was on, everything else was forgotten.

I tried for a nice family photo with 2019 in the background… but got this instead. LOL!

Today has been a quiet one.  I just finished book #6 of vacation, Lex and Alan played a lot of Minecraft and are now out shoveling water our of our driveway (crazy winter!), and Eve spent the afternoon at Macy’s house.

Happy 2019 to all.  Maybe it be a year of fun and excitement and peace and fulfillment. <