Happy Day!

I have so been looking forward to this weekend!

House built – check!
Moved – check!
House sold – check!
Field hockey over – check!
Book fair over – check! (and best one DBS has ever done!)
Grad courses complete – check! (just submitted the final project!!)
Lego League – almost check… just one more month.

Bring on the holidays!!! :)

But first, some unpacking, organizing, and settling in. There is a sense of peace spreading over me as I check these big things off the list. Life is good. <3


Eve and I went out trick-or-treating this evening with her friend from the old neighborhood. :) We met up with a few other friends along the way. It was a perfect night for it. Not too chilly, not rain, not too breezy. Perfect! A few pictures…

Two witches (the one on the right is Ginny Weasley)

The loved how their capes/robes blew in the breeze. :)

The house is ready for Halloween, too bad the path wasn’t. Oh well. Next year.

When dinosaurs go trick-or-treating. :) This is one of our friends we were trick-or-treating with. He definitely had the best costume of the night!

Great Halloween decorations.

A witch, a dinosaur, Harry Potter, a Ninja Turtle, and Ginny Weasley.

Unicorn met T-rex and a (fake) battle ensued!

The loot!

We got exactly 4 kids (2 families) trick-or-treating at our house this year, all of them friends. Plenty of left-over candy in this house!