Happy Day!

I have so been looking forward to this weekend!

House built – check!
Moved – check!
House sold – check!
Field hockey over – check!
Book fair over – check! (and best one DBS has ever done!)
Grad courses complete – check! (just submitted the final project!!)
Lego League – almost check… just one more month.

Bring on the holidays!!! :)

But first, some unpacking, organizing, and settling in. There is a sense of peace spreading over me as I check these big things off the list. Life is good. <3

3 thoughts on “Happy Day!

  1. Happy Day to you…..Birthday that is! This first of the holidays…so sorry we can’t join you this morning, and bring you cake and sing to you…but I hope that your family treats you like a queen and that you enjoy all that you have accomplished in your 41st year, and that you only have good things in the year to come. We love you and cherish you so much. Happy Birthday, my beautiful daughter! Love always, Mom and Dad

  2. Ah, what a birthday gift that is to finally have some calm. Enjoy settling in to the new house! The girls are very much looking forward to coming over some day for a sleepover. :)

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