Filling in the holes

Arlo did a real number on the yard last summer, with some help from Eve.  With spring approaching I was feeling really discouraged about the property, so I did something about it!   I planned to hook up the trailer and pick up a load of dirt, but when I pulled up their website and saw that they deliver, well, I couldn’t pass that up.  I ordered the minimum delivery am out of top soil with no idea how much “3 yards of soil” really was.  I figured we had plenty of holes and lumpy lawn, no shortage of places to put dirt!  They even brought me a bag of grass seed to out on top of the dirt.  

My dirt pile. Three yards is much less than I was expecting.

Luckily I had five helpers on hand to spread this dirt!!  

These boys are good shovelers!

This crew was on worm patrol! 😄

We worked hard yesterday and this morning to get all the holes filled and the gardens covered with fresh dirt.  Eve spread grass seed all over the new lawn dirt and now Mother Nature is helping with a little rain.  Everyone is happy except poor Arlo who is no longer allowed unattended time on his lead! At least for a few days. 😄