Potty update

We are doing remarkably well with potty training these days and I’m pretty sure I won’t be buying diapers again! (excluding the overnight pull-ups they are both in now) Eve has been diaper free for a few weeks now and for the past few days she has gone completely accident free. Lex, who I consider (maybe foolishly) to be fully potty trained, is coming out of a frequent wetting spell. He did the same thing early this spring as well, where he started wetting his pants, frequently, for several weeks. Last month it started again and seems to be lingering, but he is definitely on the rebound. Today they were both dry all day! :) Tonight I moved our 2nd changing table upstairs into their closet to use as storage shelves. Several months ago I moved the other one into the living room to use as toy shelves. Now I’m actually thinking VERY hard about putting away the potty seats. Eve can use the toilet just fine and more times than not it’s Lex using the little potty anyway, and he is just too big for them these days! The other day he started putting his feet up onto the potty and jumping off. The first time I saw it I almost lost it, just the thought of a full potty launching out behind him as he leaps forward…. gross!!! Sorry, that was probably an unnecessary visual. Anyway, I think I’m going to put away the potties and have a grown-up house :) Excluding, of course, all the toys scattered everywhere!