Happy Sunday. We are officially on winter vacation this week and loving every moment of it. For the past few hours the kids and I have been reading on the couches, interrupted only by dog walks, cat throwup, and the occasional snacks and tea breaks. Poor Alan doesn’t have a week of vacation ahead of him and somehow our calmness has motivated him to work. He installed a cool power strip under the island counter and is now repairing the guest bath toilet that I didn’t even know needed repair.

The real point of this post though is that I had surgery again on Friday, to open up the subglottic stenosis in my trachea. Almost exactly a year from the last surgery. They call it a dilation procedure, not surgery, but it all seems the same to me. Early morning at the hospital, IV, general anesthesia for an hour, recovery, etc. It’s worth it though, because now I can breath again!

Don’t I look ready? :)

The doctors took good care of me and Alan was there to see me in and out. The nurse didn’t like the look of my veins (they never do) so she called in Wayne, the pro, who got it on the first try with no pain and minimal bruising. The anesthesiology team read my file from last time and I think they were working extra hard to make sure everything went well this time! I don’t even remember leaving the prep room or returning to the recovery room. The best part is, other than the open airway, of course, is that whatever the doctor did differently, my tongue isn’t numb this time! The other two times I ended up with one side of my tongue numb for about 10 days. It was a very weird sensation. This time, nothing! Yay! I did have to wear my glasses all afternoon because my eyes were super dry, which is not a problem I usually have, but fortunately I just got new glasses so wearing them wasn’t bad at all.  Also, I napped a lot. :)

Evening snuggle

Friday was also Valentine’s Day, which we don’t do much for around here. We never even got around to decorating this year. I left the kids a small display on the piano, but that was about it. Which was fine for all of us.

Yesterday we hung out some more, doing not much, reading, watching TV and a movie (most of which I slept through) and taking care of the neighbor’s dogs while they are off cruising in warmer climates! Eve has three pet sitting jobs this vacation. One every day for nine days, and the other two are just single days. She does love her pets!

I hope the rest of you had a nice Valentine’s Day, Friday, weekend, and week ahead! I’m reading a really scary book, so I have to finish it before bedtime tonight.  It’s a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it. :)

From the camera…

Alan and the kids are watching Pirates of the Caribbean… part eleven or twelve.  These movies go on forever!  I finished with my lesson plans for the upcoming week, and felt inspired to write  a blog post.  Unfortunately nothing terrible blog-worthy is going on these days.  I went to my camera for inspiration. Most of the pictures are from school. :/

I found a few though! :)

Lex took a 3D printing class last semester and made some pretty cool things, including his Minecraft avatar! (he’s going to paint the head yellow since it’s supposed to yellow and they had no yellow filament)

Eve just whipped up this lovely painting, while having a snack, listening to her audio book, and rambling to me. She’s multi-talented!

I found a fun idea on the internet (what did people do before the internet?!?) and made it happen at school.

The kids LOVE it! I have 22 teachers who gave me their two five books and now have their faces on display. :)

This dog is weird. He likes to eat with his head IN the bowl.

He also loves in toy.

I got new glasses. Eve got a new wig. We tried to put them both on and make a fun picture. It didn’t work. I like the glasses, but the wig is not my style!


I thought it best to end the pictures with the handsome men, not the crazy women.  :)

On other topics, Lex is rocking his robotics team and they have their first competition at the end of February.  I’m sure you’ll see lots of pictures from that!  He’s also continuing with drum lessons and karate, and currently working on light design for a high school play.  He had pink eye last weekend (ugh) and says he feels feverish now. We just had two snow days in a row (Thursday and Friday), making for a 4-day weekend, and I’m hoping a fever doesn’t extend his weekend even longer!

Eve has been drawing up a storm and listening to all the audio books she can. She is an amazing artist! She’s considering doing the middle school play this year, but she’s not sure. She came home last week and said she signed up for an audition, but then we learned auditions are Monday afternoon, the same day she has a dentist appointment. :/ I’ll see if she’s up for auditioning after that, but I’m not holding my breath.

I just booked a trip to Quebec City to celebrate Eve’s 13th birthday! I kept asking what she wanted and she kept saying “Canada!” I can’t get her all of Canada, but I can take her there for the weekend. She opted to bring her bestie along as well. I’m excited!

I’m scheduled for surgery (again!) this Friday, Feb 14th. I’m not excited about that! I’ve done all the tests, had scans and x-rays, and blood work and breath tests and all that jazz, yet no one can figure out why this keeps happening.  My next step is an impedance study (scheduled for April vacation) and then maybe a trip to Boston for a 3rd opinion this summer.  Yuck.

Ok, my battery is about to die!  Love y’all!!  Bye. :)