A little bit of sunshine on a cold and dreary day

We were out running errands all morning, now home for a “no plans” afternoon. The temperature is dropping and the sleet started just after we got home. With a hot mug of tea in hand I found myself on Facebook, getting caught up in the “dangerous world / school shootings / let’s arm teachers” debate and feeling sicker and sicker. Then I came upon a cute baby picture with a post about cloth diapers by an old friend of mine who is on baby number five and still thinking about cloth diapers. We had a few exchanges and I decided to let myself get lost in my own blog for awhile. Partially to find a picture of my kids in cloth diapers, but mostly just to enjoy the babies they once were. It did wonders for my heart. In case you need an emotional boost, here a few pictures for you to enjoy.

Baby Eve in her cloth diapers.

Silly girls.

Breakfast with Doggie.

This boy.

Cuties in cloth diapers.

While I was writing this post I got a call from my momma who shared her own sunshine news. I feel a thousand times lighter now and ready to keep going. First things first, log out of Facebook!

I hope you are feeling the warmth and sunshine, if not from outside then at least from friends and loved ones inside your heart. <3