Weekend day trips

Most weekends we do not much of anything, yet somehow still stay busy. This weekend my friend texted me on Saturday morning and asked if I wanted to take a day trip. I deliberated for a moment and then said, Yes! Of course! So we headed down to an independent bookstore that I’ve never been to before. Apparently it’s very popular and known. It was beautiful. We stopped at a deli for lunch then moseyed over to the bookstore.

On Sunday Eve and I went to a Sci-Fi/Fantasy Expo with her friend and family. Eve has wanted to go to a cosplay event for a few years now and we finally found a good starter expo. Not too far away, not too huge, not too expensive. Eve wore her Toga outfit and had a blast! We wandered the vendor section, attended a “how to make comics” session, admired all of the cosplay outfits we saw, had lunch, and went home very tired.

We got home just in time to start a visit with Mema and Tom! The fun just keeps on coming!