A little bit of sunshine on a cold and dreary day

We were out running errands all morning, now home for a “no plans” afternoon. The temperature is dropping and the sleet started just after we got home. With a hot mug of tea in hand I found myself on Facebook, getting caught up in the “dangerous world / school shootings / let’s arm teachers” debate and feeling sicker and sicker. Then I came upon a cute baby picture with a post about cloth diapers by an old friend of mine who is on baby number five and still thinking about cloth diapers. We had a few exchanges and I decided to let myself get lost in my own blog for awhile. Partially to find a picture of my kids in cloth diapers, but mostly just to enjoy the babies they once were. It did wonders for my heart. In case you need an emotional boost, here a few pictures for you to enjoy.

Baby Eve in her cloth diapers.

Silly girls.

Breakfast with Doggie.

This boy.

Cuties in cloth diapers.

While I was writing this post I got a call from my momma who shared her own sunshine news. I feel a thousand times lighter now and ready to keep going. First things first, log out of Facebook!

I hope you are feeling the warmth and sunshine, if not from outside then at least from friends and loved ones inside your heart. <3

Eve quote

“When I grow up I want a team if Huskies,” she says to me. I smile and nod. She continues, “Yeah, so I can sit on the sled with all my cats and they can pull us around.” Ummm…. yeah, that makes total sense. 🙄

Husky conversation prompted by this adorable video: https://www.instagram.com/p/BfgaC0QA8co/

The exciting life of the Wilder Johnsons

I wanted to post an update but nothing exciting came to mind, so I went through my photos to see what would be worth posting. Guess what? Nothing! I have photos of the house being built down the street because the roof is weird, I have photos of bookshelves at the Howe Library because I like how they organized their series books, I have photos of a dresser we’re trying to sell, I have some school pictures that aren’t for this blog…. do you see where I’m going with this? Boresville! I did come across one worth sharing (though truthfully it went on Instagram yesterday)…

Aren’t they cute?!

We have had zero luck rehoming Arlo. Two families asked about him, both good families, but both have teenage boys and no fenced in yard, so I thought that probably wouldn’t be the best for him. We set him up with a window seat here and he’s settling down a bit. Maybe accepting the fact that he lives a lazy, boring life. Poor pup!

We are settling in here too. We have the guest room almost done (just need to sell that dresser!) and we’ve started hanging things on the walls. Slowly things are finding homes and still, every single day, we LOVE our house!

Hmm…. what else? I’m wrapping up my second to last course for my library certification. Only three weeks to go. The last course starts next week so there will be a little overlap, but nothing compared to last fall! I decided to continue on and get a Masters in Education from Montana State University as well. Only three more courses after I complete my library certification. It seems silly not to! That means this June I’ll have my library certification and next June I’ll have a M.Ed. Not too shabby! :)

We are gorging ourselves on Girl Scout cookies and thoroughly enjoying vacation. I am sneaking in small plans here and there so we don’t completely merge with the couches. Today we went to the Howe Library in Hanover so I could observe their reference librarian for a homework assignment. The kids settled into the children’s section and spent two hours happily playing board games together. They are awesome. Then we got pizza for lunch, stopped at Alan’s office to deliver cookies, then came home and considered it a very productive day! :) Tomorrow is a no-plans day, then Thursday I’m going to drag them out again for a few more errands. It’s a tough life!

Do you like how I managed to stretch “nothing interesting” into five (make that six now!) paragraphs?! I’m pretty talented like that. I also wrote a four page paper today after my library observation. I’d better go relax now!

Ice Castles

After many years of saying, “Oh, we should check out the ice castles…” this year we finally did it! It was a long drive, but a cool place!

All bundled up.

Ummm… this looks a little dangerous! :)

The sky looked purple against the blue ice. It was crazy.

We stayed for about 40 minutes, half of which was spent with Eve in tears because her sneaker-clad feet were too cold. We spent a ton of $$ on cheap hot chocolate and adequate cinnamon buns from the “farm to castle” concessions stand. By “farm” I think they meant Cumberland Farms, because I’m sure there was no actual farm involved! :)

It was a fun day, a beautiful icy structure, a checkmark on the bucket list, and we wound out the trip with a fantastic Italian dinner.

I put all the pictures in a Google album: https://photos.app.goo.gl/OEJgFNC6WA35YUXR2

Letting the grays grow

Soo… I decided I’m tired of coloring my hair and I’m going to let the grays grow out. I’m hoping I won’t look super old and awful when it’s all gray, but also I just don’t feel like paying the $$ and taking the time to keep coloring it. The roots always show before I get back to the salon, so I’m not really fooling anyone anyway. Alan is pretty excited about this. He said, “Finally we’ll be matchy matchy!” The kids thinks it’s cool, and Eve is hoping that when it’s all gray I’ll dye a streak bright purple. They are all kind to me.

I got two good laughs this week from kids who are apparently starting to notice. A fifth grader stopped mid-sentence and said, “You have some silver in your hair!” Then he quickly reassured me that it’s ok because it might just be the way the light is hitting my hair and it’s only on one side and besides his grandmother had gray hair and she died last summer when she was 100 years old. I barely got a word in before he was off again. Today Eve has a friend over and his little sister, who is in Pre-K, said “Oh Mrs. Johnson, you have gray hair!” I said yep! She said “oh” and turned to talk to her sister about something else.

I think I have to come up with a clever response to kid comments. Hmmmm…

Lex and his music [corrected]

I love Lex and his music.  It makes me happy.

He recently found an app called My Singing Monsters where you can create music by placing a variety of different monsters.  It’s weird, but cool.  Check out the song he made. It’s catchy!

And yes, I did record a from one phone to another, and yes, it is a lousy recording. But focus on the music!

I signed him up for drum set lessons too. He starts Monday. I can’t wait!

CORRECTION: I showed this video to Alan last night, bragging about how awesome Lex is and eager to show his work. Alan said, “Cool. That’s Ride, by Twenty One Pilots.” I said no, Lex wrote it, and Alan said, nope! Turns out Alan was right! I asked Lex about it this morning and he said yes, of course, it’s Ride. He said he played it in band awhile ago. I never even heard him listening it here. I feel like a total dope for not realizing. So anyway, I’m still proud of him and I still think it’s a cool video and song, but apparently everyone but me knew it was a “monster” version of Ride, by Twenty One Pilots. Gotta give credit where credit’s due!

A “day off”

Today is Martin Luther Jr. Day and a day off from school.  I have come to the conclusion that all weekends should be three-day weekends.  Saturday to get caught up and run errands, Sunday to relax and enjoy, and Monday to prepare for the upcoming week.  Especially those of us in careers that take a lot of “at home” work before we are actually ready to go to work!

This weekend I have written my lesson plans for the next three weeks, figured out how to use Do Ink (green screen software), set up Google Classrooms for six classes, prepped for tomorrow’s in-service day, came up with plans to teach Dash and Dot to my second graders, Lego WeDos to the third graders, and author studies for kindergarten and first grades.  I did a big grocery shopping, organized the pantry, helped both kids clean their rooms, and managed to eat healthy and stay “on plan” with Weight Watchers.  I EVEN managed to go to a yoga class and have brunch with a friend! I’m on fire!  I don’t even remember what I did on Saturday!  That was all just yesterday and today!

Seriously, all weekends should be three days.  Two days just isn’t long enough in the education world.  :)  Although…. maybe we need a rotating schedule because the kids don’t need three day weekends!

A whole new year!

We rang in 2018 in the usual fashion: game night at home, streaming the ball drop, and crashing afterwards.  Super exciting.  After venturing out last NYE and having fun, but also icy excitement, we decided to stay home this year!  Also, we just like being home.

We ate Cheetos (a NYE tradition, apparently)

And played Apples to Apples (probably a new NYE tradition!!) It’s a very silly game and the kids laughed and laughed!


That’s more like it.

Walking the dog at 10pm in the crazy cold. I tried to take a picture by the light of the full moon… but it didn’t turn out so well. :)

BB-8 joined in the fun.  Technology is crazy these days!!

We finally got the see the ball drop!! They didn’t cut away this time. Yay!! Happy 2018!!

And then Eve reminded us about the Family Fun Jar!  Despite it being past midnight now, we couldn’t NOT open it!

She looks tired!

Remember the solar eclipse?!

It was a good year for the Johnson family.

We started 2018 with a late morning all around.  Lex got up around 9:30, Eve and I both got up around 10:30!!  Poor Alan only made it until 7:30 though. He had work on the brain.  :(  We spent the day reading and listening to audio books and playing Minecraft and moving datdec customers from one serve to another.  Can you guess who did what?! :)  I was going to go into the library for a few hours, but that didn’t happen.  Overall it was a calm and peaceful day.  A perfect way to start the new year.

Oh yea, we played with Snapchat for awhile too. :)

And explored the new AR Filters on my phone’s camera app.

Mostly we just did a lot of this though. <3

The Johnson Family Bank

Based on the book The First National Bank of Dad (which we have heard about, but have not actually read), Alan and I decided to offer the kids the option to put their money in the “bank” and earn some interest.  It’s something Alan and I have discussed in the past, but just brought it up with the kids today.  Their “save” envelopes were getting pretty full, so I suggested we deposit the money into their 529 College Savings accounts, which then lead to further discussions of banking, which led to this:

I may be breaking some space/time continuum by posting a Snap of a screenshot onto a blog!

The kids both agreed that their “save” money should go towards college, and they both liked the idea of earning interest.  Alan said “When you are ready to start a family bank account, you can create a spreadsheet in Google Docs and share it with me and mom.”  Both kids immediately grabbed their computers!  :)  I guess they were ready!  We’ll see how it goes.  Hopefully it doesn’t break the ACTUAL Johnson family bank account!