Minecraft Dreams

Lex and Alan play Minecraft most nights before bedtime so when Lex gets in to bed he has Minecraft on the mind. I mean, he always has Minecraft on the mind, but more so now that they are playing every night. I still lay with him at night, but instead of “Highs and Lows” like we used to do, now it’s just his steady stream of Minecraft talk until I leave. Some nights I tell him I really can’t deal with Minecraft thoughts and try to change the subject, but he just gets annoyed. Or offended. Or just tunes me out while he continues his Minecraft thoughts. Most nights I just let him ramble and my brain goes elsewhere. When I leave he keeps talking as I walk out the door. I wonder if I should feel guilty about this. Should I fake more of an interest in what he’s interested in, or is there a point where it’s fair to say I just don’t care! Will he grow up thinking his mother never listened to him. Sigh. Maybe I need another glass of wine. I’m sorry I ever let Minecraft into the house! I miss the days of varied interests, even though there were only ever three or four of them. Now we are down to just one and one alone. Minecraft.

Sweet bedtimes

I went upstairs with Eve to put her to bed this evening and found that she had organized her doll clothes so sweetly. I had to come back down and get the camera. Sometimes bedtimes suck, but other times they go so smoothly.




Grace loves her puppy, Arrabella. Eve insisted I take this picture. Tonight we snuggled on the floor, talking about her sweet set up, then snuggled in bed and took a few pictures.



We snuggled in bed, listening to Christmas music, and discussing all the happiness that is Christmas. It’s only August, I know, but she will sleep tonight with vision of sugar plums dancing in her head.

An awful trip to the dentist

I’m a few days behind. Lots going on. We went to the dentist on Tuesday and it was awful. The kids did great, but the whole experience was awful. It started with a strange hygienist came out and called Lex’s name. He has had the same hygienist since we first went seven years ago (wow!) and she has been very patient and careful with him. Suddenly this new woman calls his name and he was none too sure about things. Then she brings him back and they go to a different chair than usual. He asked me please to come with him. Eve also had a different hygienist and ended up sitting in the chair Lex usually sits in. They swapped seats. Her usual hygienist left and his retired. I guess a lot can happen in six months!

Lex’s hygienist proceeded to clean his teeth, very roughly, and commented all the while that he has too much plaque build up, which I’m sure is true. She spoke with a thick accent and asked him lots of questions but didn’t really take the time to listen to the answers. Lex’s gums were bleeding and he was crying. I remember appointments like that and they are horrible.

The dentist said that both kids need to have extractions because their grown-up teeth are coming in and the baby ones aren’t falling out. Ugh! Lex even has a loose one and the dentist recommended pulling it. I said we’re going to give it a few weeks to fall out! Reminded me of a dentist I had as a kid who wanted to fill cavities in my baby teeth. I’m sure there’s a reason for it, but it just seems silly.

Meanwhile there was also a woman there with a baby (maybe 18mo) who had broken a tooth. He needed x-rays and they did an extraction right there. He screamed for a good long time. Ugh. He was adorable and smiley when not screaming, but oh the noise! I totally empathized with the mom because that was almost exactly our first and second visit to the dentist as well.

Between the different seats, the different hygienists, the bleeding gums, the tears, the talk of extractions ($$$), and the screaming baby… it was not a pleasant appointment! Ugh.

I had forgotten my phone (calendar) at home so when the receptionist started talking about scheduling extractions and future cleaning appointments, I just got the heck out of there! I promised her I’d call later to schedule all that. I should probably do that soon. We headed to karate where things are calm and quiet and everyone felt much better.

Restless (and rambling)

Restless. I’m feeling so restless these days. I’m not sure why. Perhaps it’s the changing season, back to school, fall, or perhaps it’s a changing season of life. While the kids start back to school soon I feel like I went back three years in time, sending them off with nothing much for me to do in the meantime. Nothing substantial anyway. I have plenty of home projects and I know within a week or two I’ll be bored and end up back on the sub list at school. That’s the best path for my career, but still it leaves me feeling restless. It’s a funny feeling to explain. Rosy and Joyce are touring Europe right now and I’d give anything to put my life on pause and hit the road with them. We had some completely irresponsible California plans that didn’t happen (for the best) and Lex has stuff going on and Alan has stuff going on and we are where we should be, but still. Restless. A woman I know on Facebook (I have to get off Facebook) took her kids on a five week trip around the country. It looked amazing! I would love to do that. I mentioned it to Alan and he said no way, though he is restless too. We are both at a point where some new scenery and social scene would do us well. I have a minimal peer group these days, no longer part of the SAHM crowd, but not working either. Alan is feeling restless with his extracurricular (extra-workular?) activities. Restless. The kids had a miserable dentist appointment today (I’ll probably blog about that later) and when we were back in the car I so badly wanted to just drive, drive, drive. Anywhere. Of course, I was driving the Leaf so my options are limited. We went to the farm stand and karate and Panera and the grocery store. Restless.

Fun at the fair

The kids and I went back to the fair this year. This time we took Alan with us. :) Ride tickets are ridiculously priced ($1.25/ticket and most rides take 3-5 tickets!) so I like to go on ride bracelet day. You pay $20 for a ride bracelet, but you can go on as many rides as you want for four hours! This year I bought a ride bracelet for myself as well. Usually I buy bracelets for the kids and a few tickets for me so I can go on slow rides like the ferris wheel, rides that I can take the backpack on. This year though, since there were two adults to tend the backpack, I got a ride bracelet. I slipped it off my wrist a few times to let Alan have some fun as well. :)



This year Lex was up for some big scary rides, which I was happy to go on with him! The only two I didn’t want to do were the Zipper (which was closed anyway) and the Pharroh’s Fury (crazy swinging boat thing that I have done in the past and find terrifying!). Anything else, I’m game!




After four hours at the fair we were all sweaty and worn out. Once the ride bracelets expire we are generally done. They have tons of farm stuff, tractor pulls, face painting, 4H stuff, and so much more, but we just go for the rides. :)

This day is also the very last day that our local ice cream shop will be open, ever. To celebrate they hosted a “customer appreciation day” where all ice cream was free until gone. We were in just the mood for ice cream! By the time we got there they were down to three flavors and limited toppings, but I let the kids get smalls (instead of the usual x-small) and two toppings and they were in heaven!


Lex was momentarily delayed when he dropped his ice cream into the gravel and it got rocks stuck in it. I insisted on a photo before he removed the rocks, deemed it still edible, and dug in. Happiness is.

Life skills

Lex and I made pretzels yesterday.  He learned how to make the dough, do the rise, and shape them.  He thoroughly enjoyed the fruits of his labor!


So yummy!


We had the neighbor kids over in the afternoon. Five kids (plus me) made short work of the pretzel treats!

Eve is learning to mow the lawn today.  She was eager to learn.


Look at that strong girl at work!


Alan gave her a little assistance to keep her rows straight.

There’s always so much to learn in life! 

Rock climbing

I took Lex and a buddy rock climbing today. It was so cool! I’ve heard good things about the place but have never actually been there before. It was on our list of summer to-dos even though Eve insisted it would be awful and she would have absolutely no fun there at all. I figured with Eve at camp this week it would be the ideal time to take Lex. And boy did we have fun! I didn’t actually do any climbing myself because the walls are so high you need a belayer on the ground managing the rope. I had to take a training class an everything!

This was the training wall. They taught me (and two others) how to belay here and then we had to send someone up on the rope to practice. I made Lex go first, just in case!




The place was so big I couldn’t get a picture of all of it, but here is a good section.


Two tired boys! I wasn’t sure how long they would last. The timing was inconvenient because the place opened at noon and I was supposed to pick Eve up at 2pm, but I managed to work things out so we had plenty of time. When I called yesterday they said “Two 10 year old boys?! They will last for hours!” Fortunately the did not! :) I thought it would be muscle fatigue, which I’m sure there was some of, but mostly it ended up being tired fingers and toes!


For his final climb Lex went up this orange wall. It took him awhile, but he didn’t quit and he made it all the way up to the top! He was so proud! I couldn’t get a picture of him up there because I was holding the ropes and my photographer (the other boy) was taking off his climbing gear. I snapped this shot at the end though and I suspect Lex will like to hang it on his memory board. :)


A good time was had by all!

A day out with Lex

With Eve at Girls Camp this week Lex and I have been getting some serious quality time together. These kids, boy have they surprised me this summer. When Lex had camp last month and I was home with Eve for two weeks I expected to be go, go, go! I thought she would want tons of activity and playdates every day, but no, she was, for the most part, calm and content to just hang out. She spent a lot of time playing with her dolls and was happy to go places with me. We had two fairly calm and peaceful weeks.

This week, I thought Lex, my boy who can play Legos alone for hours and read by himself for the rest of the day, this week he has been full on attention demanding! He is chock full of Minecraft stories and wants to play games together and read Calvin and Hobbes out loud and go lots of places! Monday we had lunch with Alan and went to the skate park, Tuesday we had a doctor appt for him and went grocery shopping (he wasn’t very excited about either of those plans) and today we went to Quechee Gorge.

Quechee Bridge

Can you guess where we are? :-)


This poor tree is hanging on for dear life!

Wading in the cool water

We took off our shoes and did some wading. The water felt great!

Looking upstream, toward the bridge

I love this view.

Me and Lex

He obliged me with a photo. :-)

Looking down stream

The water is so low!

We hiked to the bottom, then back to the top to see the dam, then got ice cream. After that we played a round of mini-golf and then got lunch. By the time we got home I had just enough time to shower (sunscreen and sweat, ugh!) and then head out to pick up Eve! Tomorrow I’m taking Lex and a friend to a local rock-climbing place and on Friday he has already invited our neighbor over for some Lego Mindstorm building. I think he’s ready to get back to school. :) Despite the less than quiet week, I have been loving every minute of it! It is so nice to get one-on-one time with them occasionally, even if the primary conversation revolves around Minecraft!


Eve started her final week of camp for this summer.  It is a camp run by her friend’s big sister.  They call it “Girls Camp.”  Eve was super excited!!  She packed her bag last night and was up at 6am today to pack her lunch.


Packed and ready to go! We walked there since it is right in our neighborhood.

She had a great day, full of swimming and baking and scavenger hunts.  They wore her right out.


She was so tired she couldn’t even eat her ice cream!!

Here’s to four more days of Girls Camp fun!


I have been trying to exercise more lately. I truly hate it. I am approaching an all time high weight though, even higher than when I was pregnant with Eve (for reals!!!) so I really need to do something. I was talking to my mom recently about anxiety and I think that’s what I feel every time I think about exercising. It’s dumb, of course, because I know I can do it and I know my body will feel better after exercising, but it takes a lot of mental effort to get my ass in gear. Then, when I finally do get started, I keep thinking about how ridiculous exercise is these days. We put on special clothes and get special gear (sneakers, weights, DVDs, treadmills, gym memberships, whatever) and schedule time… all just to force ourselves to do what our bodies are built to do. I think it makes so much more sense to just get exercise through fun things (like sports or hiking or whatever) but none of that really appeals to me either. Awhile ago I thought about joining a running club, just to see if I could make it more fun and social, but you have to be available at specific times and, oh yeah, you have to be able to run! Eve is eager to run the CHaD 5K this year so I downloaded the Couch25K app. It’s an eight week training program that is supposed to get you from the couch to a 5K. I used it a few years ago and it was pretty useful. I figured I had to get going soon if I was going to run 3.1 miles in October. I did my first run today (twice!) and it felt good, but then I baked cookies and ate pizza for dinner. Sigh. I guess it would have been worse had I NOT had an hour of exercise though.

Discipline <– I need to work on this.  I’m like a toddler and “Now” almost always win.