Sick days

We have been dealing with an interesting sickness in Lex this week. Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning he said his stomach felt bad and he needed to throw up. He never actually did throw up (then) and he seemed fine otherwise (no fever, ok energy, ok color, etc.) so I sent him to school on Wednesday. I was wondering if maybe it was nerves more than actual illness because he kept saying his stomach was “flipping over.” He apparently did ok, but when he got home he ate a few bites of snack, threw up, then fell asleep in my arms on the couch at 4:45. Alan got home awhile later and put him to bed and he slept straight through until 6am Thursday morning. He woke up happy and ready to go to school. I chatted with his teacher Thursday morning at drop-off and she had two theories. She said on Tuesday his best friend announced that they were no longer best friends, but apparently continued to play with Lex all day Tuesday and Wednesday anyway. She said other than the statement he made there seemed to be no change in behavior. She also said that they played the game that Lex doesn’t like in gym class again last week, after not having played it for a long time. He did fine Thursday, but when he got home today he spent the afternoon on the floor saying his belly hurts and he needs to throw up. Fortunately he didn’t actually throw up this time.

I’m left wondering if he is really sick or feeling anxious or something. One thing I do know is that he is VERY tired. We’ve had several busy weeks and weekends with lots of travel and I think he (and all of us!) just need a rest. We are looking forward to a low-key weekend coming up. Eve has one birthday party to attend, but otherwise I think we are going to be camping out at home.

Wednesday night when I brought Eve up to bed we found Lex sleeping like this:

lex sleeping p1

lex sleeping p2

lex sleeping p3

Our official “throw up bowl” is in there somewhere and for a minute I was worried he was going for the bowl in his sleep and missed. I was quite nervous about what we would find under that pile. Fortunately, it was just him, sleeping. Crazy sleeper!

By the way, did I mention that he is completely out of diapers now? I think it has been a month or two now that he has been sleeping in underwear and waking up dry. Yay!

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  1. Hmm, Molly is just getting over an illness just like this. Wednesday morning she threw up, but seemed perfectly fine before and after. Then Thursday night she had a fever and was still warm Friday morning. Then fever went away and she seemed fine, then she threw up in the afternoon. It was a very strange way to be sick, sort of on-again-off-again. I think the neighbors just got over a wave of this sort of illness, too — it almost seemed like two or three different viruses passing through.
    Not sure what the chances are of the same virus being in both places. Just thought I’d share. I hope he’s feeling better. :)

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