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Hmmm…. what have we been up to? Busy. I think I’m going to skip the details and just post a few pics from the past week or two. If it weren’t for the camera I would never remember what we did last week!


The kids love dried papaya so we thought we would try some fresh papaya. It was ok, but not a favorite fruit.

cat in the hat

In celebration of Dr. Seuss's birthday Lex made a Cat in the Hat hat at school. Eve loved it, but Lex insisted he never wears any hats that the makes in school. That boy comes up with some funny rules.

camera fun

Eve and I had fun with the FaceSelf-Timer feature on the camera.


On Saturday we went to visit the Johnson's. On the way the kids and I stopped at Chuck E. Cheese while Alan did some work at his nearby data center. Lex had fun with the games.

roller coaster

They lasted about 10 seconds on this pretend roller coaster before they were both asking to get off.

Lex on a ride

Lex LOVED this little ride and spent most of his tokens here. You put in a token and get about a minute to peddle the peddles and raise yourself up into the air. He did it over and over and over.


Eve trying her hand at video game baseball. She didn't last long, but Lex took over and won some tickets.


After we ran out of tokens they took to the tubes in the sky, frequently coming down via the slide and then heading right back up again.


This made me laugh. It must be really loud up in the tubes because they spent most of the time covering their ears.


After C.E.C. we had some much needed quiet time. Eve did some beading and made me a monkey necklace :)


After quiet time we got out the highly anticipated box of transformers. Last time she visited, Grammy Lynn mentioned they had found a box of Alan's old transformers and Lex has been talking about it ever since!


Lex, intent on figuring out those transformers.


We capped off the evening with dinner on the floor in front of the TV :)

sleeping beauties

Sweet sleeping beauties

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