Eve has been doing a ton of writing lately. I LOVE it! She is so smart. Sometimes the writing is well spaced and evenly sized, and sometimes it’s all over the place. All the time she does a great job with the spelling (with a bit of help) and she has so much fun.

birthday card

Here's Eve writing a birthday card for her friend's party this weekend. We put together a butterfly themed present with a butterfly kite, butterfly crayons, and a butterfly card. :)

note to mommy

Eve drew a picture of me and wrote "To Tessa Love Eve" in an artistic sort of way. Then she told me a story about the special glasses she had that made my face look orange to her. She has an AWESOME imagination!

central park

We went to visit a friend this morning and Eve made her a game. It's a maze and at the end it says "Central Park Straight Ahead" The green grass at the bottom is Central Park.

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