Bella Band

We went shopping last week when Alan had the day off and I bought a Coke (to ease the nausea), running shoes, and a Bella Band. I never had one with the other pregnancies (I used rubber bands instead!) but it looked neat. Heading home I was laughing at the combination of things I had purchased. The running shoes are awesome. I finally got a chance to go out this weekend. The weather has been beautiful, but when I had time with no kids it was 40 and windy!! Oh well, I went anyway! I couldn’t make it as far as I was last fall, but I did ok.

Yesterday I was feeling fat and blah and dreading buttoning my jeans. The day before I put on a pair of slacks instead of jeans. They used to be my “skinny pants” but now they are too big. :) Eve saw them and said, “Ohh… you look fancy!” Baggy slacks with a pen mark on them. Goes to show what my normal attire is! Anyway, yesterday I was back in jeans and after unbuttoning them in the car and accidentally leaving them unbuttoned while I did some shopping at the produce market (oops!) I remembered the Bella Band! Yay! It’s very comfy, though I’m still playing with how to wear it just right. Happy 10 weeks belly! :)

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