Big girl

This is probably a funny thing to post about, but I’m gonna anyway. The night before last Eve was in an odd mood. She went to bed ok, but when I changed her diaper before I went to bed she woke up and was talking and being very silly. At one point she held up her doggie and said “This is a funny doggie. He says weef!” Normally she sleeps right through the diaper changes. She was up several times during the night. I kept putting her back to bed. At one point Alan got up and found her sitting on the toilet. She said she had to poop, but apparently she just peed. He brought her back to bed with us (which is always where she wants to be!). It’s fun to snuggle with her, but he falls asleep quickly and I do not, so we cuddled for awhile, she got up to get her doggie and came back, and was very fidgety. Sweet, but fidgety. After awhile (I loose track of time in the middle of the night!) I asked if she wanted to be very still and quiet or go back to her own bed. She chose back to bed. Normally I’d take her back, but this time I just rolled her out of bed and sent her on her way. A few minutes later I heard her in the bathroom again. I got up, very annoyed, and went in to find her throwing up in the toilet!! Poor girl! I was all ready to grumpily put her back to bed, but there she was. When I walked in she smiled at me and said, “I did a good job. I got all of my throw-up in the toilet, not on the floor.” She’s such a big girl! I think she must have eaten something bad because she wasn’t really sick. She commented on the color of her throw-up and tried to guess what it was, a fun game to play in the middle of the night. Then she smiled and went to bed. I guess that explains the awakeness and fidgeting. Then I felt guilty for being on the verge of yelling at her. She’s so sweet. Then she slept until about 8:30 in the morning!

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