Nothing to say

How’s that for a blog title? I really have not much to say, but I know people get antsy if I don’t update the blog in awhile :) We are keeping busy. Eve had her last swimming lesson yesterday and “graduated” with big smiles. She will be moving up to the next class and, likely, be in the same group as Lex. He has his last lesson today. We shall see if the teacher wants him to move up. I’m not sure. They start again in two weeks. They love swimming! I find it exhausting. Ok, these days I find everything exhausting! I’m starting to get some energy back though. I’ve made it through to the end of the day without turning into a total grouch for the past few days. Today Lex and I fought at naptime so I told him I wouldn’t nap with him. I think it’s more of a punishment for me though! He was bummed, but I think he’ll act sweet for tomorrow’s nap. Now I’m sitting here wishing I was napping. I know I could just nap in my own bed, but it’s not the same. We’ll see if I survive swimming this afternoon and still manage to me a nice mommy to the end. Anyway, seriously not much to say. :) I’m going to lay down and watch TV now and pretend my house doesn’t need to be cleaned, the laundry doesn’t need to be folded, and dinner doesn’t need to be prepped.

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