“The best day of this year,” said Lex.

Today the kids celebrated 100 days of school. Each class counts the days as they go by, as part of their lessons on dates, counting, math, etc. It has been interesting to see when I’m in the classrooms. Today was day 100! Everyone was celebrating. Lex’s class celebrated with a pyjama party. They wore pjs all day, including the teachers. They brought blankets, pillows, and lovies. In the afternoon they got to cuddle on the floor and read books. They made necklaces with 100 Fruit Loops and ate Oreo cookies and milk. Sounds like a great day!

Eve was sad that she didn’t get to have a pj day too. She came home with a special 100 day crown (or headband, as she insisted it was called) and a cereal necklace as well. She complained that they didn’t get any special snacks at all, but later in the evening she said they had hot chocolate and marshmallows. I think she probably had a perfectly fun day too.

After school Lex had his final swim lesson with his classmates. The instructors let them go down the big yellow slide, and HE DID! Four times!!! He loved it! I was shocked that he was tall enough. And brave enough. When did he grow up?!

Eve decided that instead of swimming she wanted to play at the KidZone at the aquatic center, so I dropped her there and I ran two miles on the treadmill! I haven’t been able to do that in awhile!

When I picked him up they were eating their normal after swim snack, with the special treat of mint Oreos! That’s twice in one day that Lex had Oreos! We picked Eve up from the KidZone and on the way out Lex says, quietly, “Did you remember that I like milk now?” I can’t remember the exact quote, but it was along those lines and it cracked me up! He hasn’t drank milk in probably a year. He just quit one day for no apparent reason. Apparently today was the day to drink milk again. He said he had milk with his cookies at school. Maybe I should have fed him Oreos sooner! Crazy boy!

In bed tonight he told me that today was “the best day of this year!”

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