DBS Adventures


Lex has started a weekly comic strip, to be published on Mondays. Its about two students who arrive at school, but upon entering the building find themselves standing on a platform in outer space. He needs a little work on his illustration technique, but otherwise I think he’s onto a good thing here! :)

4 thoughts on “DBS Adventures

  1. He could draw lightly in pencil, trace the outlines with thin sharpie (the thinnest you can find), and then erase… THEN he could color with crayon/colored pencil and those illustrations would POP!!
    I’m excited to see the subsequent editions!

    • DBS is their school. This was just an idea he came up with, on his own, just for fun. Published just meant copied on my copier and given to a few kids. :) It was supposed to be a weekly thing, but he never handed them out last week and so far has made no efforts at writing one for next week. We’ll see.

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