My geeky kids

Today I am thankful for my geeky kids. While others are playing video games and chugging diet coke, mine are conducting science experiments on liquid densitys and building everything out of paper and Legos. Some may call them deprived (What? Can kids survive today without video games and cable TV?!?), but I call them geniuses!! Maybe I’m just a little biased.

science rocks

Science rocks!


See those brains at work?!


Eve put a lot of things in her glass.


The neighbor came over and they all got a little crazy with their additions. They both ended up with pretty full cups and I think the experiment went from learning to just plain silly.

On to another day. Lex got a pen light from Grandpa and was thrilled! That same day he also discovered a use for the breast pocket on his PJs. :)


Nerd alert! :)

After quiet time I asked him if he was going to draw Transformers all afternoon, as he had all morning. He replied with, “Actually, I might spend the rest of the day building a Lego stationery case so I don’t have to put all of this in my pocket.” This amuses me on many levels. One, because he said “stationery case” instead of pencil box or something more basic. And two, because he said “so I don’t have to,” as though there was any good reason that he DID have to carry a pen, a pencil, a pen light, and two pins in/on his PJ pocket. Like those were necessary tools for a Saturday afternoon and his day would just be easier if he had a Lego stationery case. Funny boy. He ended up drawing Transformers all day anyway. I guess the stationery kit will have to be a project for another day.

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