Kids and such

Today I am thankful for a peaceful afternoon with my lovies. They did their chores without fuss, we baked cookies and read stories, and we even did some tidying to prep for holiday decorations this weekend. We’re starting to get in the spirit!

I also learned today that kindergarten is where it’s at. I subbed in 4th and 5th on Tuesday (half day in each grade) and it was ok, but not entirely fun. The kids were wild, especially the 5th grade, and showed no respect… because, well, it was my 2nd day subbing and I’m sure I wasn’t the most confident! However, kindergarten is right up my alley! The kids were great all day. One little girl kept calling me Tessa (I’ve known her for years) and the rest called me Eve’s Mom. By the end of the day I had most of them corrected. We had a fire drill and they stood in a line between two fifth grade classes and the kindergartens were quiet and still the entire time while the 5th graders jumped around and chatted. I was sure to compliment my class on their excellent fire drill behavior when we got back inside.

I’m trying to find some balance in life though, between subbing and my other part-time job and volunteering and household maintenance and holiday prep. All efforts at weight management have gone out the window and my social life has all but vanished… except for tomorrow night when we’re having two couples and their kids over for dinner! I turned down sub requests (twice!) for tomorrow because I have to clean and shop so I can be ready for dinner company! Good times, good times!

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