Today’s craft project. Take one game of Scrabble (from freecycle!) and one sheet of magnet paper. Cut paper into small squares. Enlist two children to peel off the backing and stick magnets to Scrabble tiles. Put on fridge. Spell away!


Scrabble on the fridge. Fun for all!

Want to hear something sad? The kids have no memory of those letter magnets we used to have. Want to hear something happy? Watch the videos below! They are hysterical!

I found them here while I was searching the blog for a picture of the letter magnets to show the kids. I’ll show them the videos in the morning. I’m sure it will refresh their memories. Lex is about two and a half in these videos.

2 thoughts on “Scrabble

  1. Something like that is on my Christmas list! I even looked for an old scrabble at the thrift this weekend. Now I am inspired to look harder! :)

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