First peek

Here is the first glimpse of
the newest addition to our pumpkin patch. In the second picture
baby’s near arm is lying at its side and the far hand is on
baby’s forehead. Looks pretty comfy, huh? Silly baby doesn’t
know yet that it’s gonna get pretty snug in there.

The whole appointment thing was actually kind
of annoying today. Since it was a short-notice schedule, we had
to take a 2pm appointment. I generally try to do first thing in
the morning because they aren’t running behind and Lex is well
rested. Two very good things at a doctor’s appointment. Sadly
2pm is smack in the middle of naptime and apparently quite busy
for the docs as well. The ultrasound itself went smooth enough,
and confirmed my existing due date — to the day! The midwife
was worried that their estimate was off, so she wanted this
early ultrasound to confirm. I guess the earlier the better
when you’re trying to determine conception. As the baby gets
bigger the normal size variations start to develop and it’s
harder to determine the due date. So, anyway, to the day, the
ultrasound confirmed March 25th. Which makes me (according to
the tech) 14 weeks and 3 days pregnant. How precise. The
annoying part was the follow up appointment. Alan went back to
work, so a very tired Lex and I waited (in the little examining
room, not the big comfy waiting room) for 25 minutes for the
midwife. Then she finally came in and said “Well, everything
looks fine. Any questions?” I said “no” and that was the end of
it. A 25 minute wait and a 2 minute appointment. Thankfully Lex
is an angel, even when tired. He did escape from me once at the
end when I was booking my follow-up appointments, but a
friendly nurse grabbed him and brought him back :) One other
nice thing is that I was able to schedule my next appointment
immediately following Lex’s 18 month check up in November.
Actually, I have another ultratsound (normal 18wk one) in
October, but my next, next appoinment is after his in November.
I’m hoping there are no delays with his, but it’s at 8:30 in
the morning and they are usually pretty prompt then. I always
go for the 8:00 or 8:30am appointments :)

Ok, gotta clean and get ready for another busy day. Just
two more days until we are homeowners again!!!

3 thoughts on “First peek

  1. Wow, you really have two kids! I think the
    second lillipie timeline is as dramatic as the sonogram!
    Congratulations again, can’t wait to meet B2! Mema

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