All boy

We went shopping yesterday and I got the
mail on the way out. In the mail we had a Craftsman catalog so,
just being silly, I handed it to Lex to read. He loved it! The
whole way to the store he was turning pages and saying “wouw”
(he throws in that extra ‘u’ a lot). At one point he had thrown
the catalog off to the side, but had some sort of pull-out
feature that he was wowing over and perusing carefully.

I also jinxed myself last week. I was telling
someone how Lex knows how to climb, but hasn’t really
discovered a love of it yet… The next day he started pushing
chairs over to the counter and climbing up to “help” me. If I’m
near a counter for more than a second he’s right there with the
chair trying to help. He also now uses the chair to get on the
table and more. Silly monkey. We’ve begun a whole new phase of

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