My house

Geez… leave the men in this family alone
in the kitchen for a few hours and look at what happens!! Yes, that is the stove and
fridge in the dining room. :) I was actually amazed at how
quickly they got the whole place torn out. Poor Lex, the
littlest man, was stuck at the fabric store with the women. He
was none too pleased :)

We had an
electrician come out today to see what we need done. He’s going
to come over a few more times this week to actually do the
work. Not surprisingly, the project grows every day. We keep
reminding ourselves that it’s better to do it right now (while
the whole place is torn apart anyway) than to try and do it
right later after we’ve already moved in.

I’m so excited though. The closing went smoothly, the work
started promptly, and they are making great progress. Yay, we
have a house!

PS. When we left
the house this afternoon, Lex said “bye house.” It was so clear
and well spoken :)

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